The real money market economy of Planet Calypso offers unique opportunities to combine virtual entertainment with real investment and entrepreneurship. Here are examples of how participants are investing in Calypso – and of how you can get involved.

Calypso Land Deeds

Obtain a Stake in Planet Calypso

In 2011, Planet Calypso launched a new citizenship system. It allows participants to become stakeholders in Planet Calypso.

Each Calypso Land Deed (CLD) entitles its holder to:

  • A share of the gross revenue from Planet Calypso, paid out weekly to the avatar of the deedholder.
  • Participate in a future land grab and claim a 10x10 meter plot of land for each deed held (holder must have nine or more deeds to build a structure).
  • The right to vote on issues regarding the development plans for Planet Calypso in a coming political system.

How the Weekly Payout is Calculated

There are a total of 60,000 Calypso Land Deeds. Fifty percent of the gross Planet Partner revenue from Planet Calypso is divided evenly among all CLDs. Thus, one CLD entitles its holder to 1/60000 of the weekly payout.

Audited revenue numbers, January - June 2012:

Revenue sharing for Planet Calypso were as shown in this table for January - June 2012. Gross revenue numbers were audited by PwC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers), Göteborg, Sweden, in August 2012.


Planet Calypso revenue share (USD)   50% to Deed Holders (USD) Monthly Pay Per Deed (PED)
January 266,606   133,303 22.22
February 238,218   119,109 19.85
March 240,536   120,268 20.04
April 232,993   116,497 19.42
May 241,162   120,581 20.10
June 197,630   98,815 16.47

    708,573  118.10 PED

How to Acquire Calypso Land Deeds

You can acquire Calypso Land Deeds from other participants through the Entropia Universe Exchange.

More information about Calypso Land Deeds can be found on How to Play - Business & Trade - Land Area Management.

Land Areas

You can also invest in rights to a Land Area and organize events and activities that attract other participants, such as hunters. The yield on your investment will be determined by how well your land area is managed.

Rights of the Land Manager

In your capacity as a holder of a Land Area, you are entitled to claim a percentage of the value of any hunting loot or mining resources found by other colonists within the Land Area. Land Area holders can set this percentage between 0 and 5 percent.

Managing Your Land Area

The revenue your Land Area generates is a direct result of how active other participants are on your land.  You can stimulate the activity in several ways, for example by:

  • Organizing and hosting attractive events.
  • Setting competitive tax rates.
  • Customizing your Land Area to match the interests of other participants.
  • Investing in further development of your land area - click here for current offers.

See also How to Play - Business & Trade - Land Area Management for more information.

Becoming a Land Area Manager

To become a land manager, you must obtain a Land Area Deed from another participant, either through the Entropia Universe auction, or by contacting the current Land Area Deed holder directly and negotiating a direct player-to-player (P2P) trade. Land Area Deeds are also sometimes awarded as prizes in special Calypso events.

There are currently approximately one hundred participant-managed land areas on Planet Calypso.


On Planet Calypso, the term estate refers to different forms of property, including apartments, houses, hangars and castles. Different types of estates have different features and uses.

Virtual Real Estate Broker?

The real estate market on Calypso follows the market forces of supply and demand.  If you have ever dreamt of becoming successful in real estate, this is your chance to become a virtual real estate mogul.

Acquiring an Estate

For each estate you wish to control, you need an estate deed. You can acquire estate deeds from other participants through the auction.

See How to Play - Business & Trade - Estates for more information.

Shops & Shopping Malls

Whatever your profession on Calypso, having a shop in a prime location will make it easier for other participants to buy the items and goods you acquire.

Shops are often located in participant-run shopping malls. You may acquire the right to a shop from a current shop owner who wishes to sell.

You can also invest in an entire shopping mall, become a shopping-mall manager and  receive a percentage of the value of any sales made in the mall.

A shopping mall manager can invest in the mall in several ways to make it more attractive to prospective tenants and customers.

Click here for current offers.


The ultimate capitalist experience - run your own virtual lending business!

The Banking System

There is a specially designed banking system in place on Planet Calypso which allows the holder of a banking license to safely lend PED to other participants against virtual item collateral.

Becoming a Banker

There are currently five banking licenses and five bank buildings on Planet Calypso. A banking license can only be acquired from one of the current license holders.

Read more about banking in How to Play - Business & Trade - Banking.

Invest in Your Profession

Are You Ready For a Real Challenge?

It is perhaps not an investment in the traditional sense, as it will take a lot of hard work and dedication on your part. It is however possible to make money by engaging in a traditional MMO profession on Calypso, such as hunting, mining, trading or crafting. To succeed, you must not only be skilled at your profession – you must also be a shrewd business person.

Invest in Equipment and Skills

Imagine you are a hunter. You know that a certain creature drops loot that is in high demand by other participants. Currently, you are not able to kill that creature. You may then choose to invest in the equipment and skills you need to bring that creature down and acquire its valuable loot.

Similarly, imagine you are a miner. You have discovered a rich field of valuable mineral resources, are producing decent finds, covering your expenses and even retaining a small profit. You suspect that you can increase your profit if you could only produce larger finds. You may then decide to invest in amplifiers for your mining tool.

An investment in your avatar can come in many shapes and sizes. What an investment entails is entirely up to you – only you know what your plans and goals for your avatar.

Read more about common professions on Planet Calypso in Professions & Activities.


Planet Calypso is first and foremost entertainment. The Real Cash Economy and the challenge of trying to play for free or even make a profit are part of that entertainment experience.