Arriving On Calypso

Revival Facility and Thule

Your new life on Calypso begins on Thule, in the revival facility at Genesis Alpha Station. The revival facility gives you the opportunity to customize your avatar’s appearance and learn how to control your avatar while you wait for the rest of Planet Calypso to download. You can also amuse yourself by trying on clothes.

When Planet Calypso is fully downloaded, you may enter Thule, which is a sort of tutorial area. In Thule you will play through a story-driven sequence of missions that will teach you the basics of Planet Calypso gameplay. You will get to try various professions and receive plenty of free equipment and skills which will be yours to keep.

The tutorial is not mandatory and can be aborted at any time. Interacting with Mr Yoshida will present you with the option to abort the tutorial. It is however recommended that you complete it, as it will give you useful knowledge and equipment that will help you in your continued life on Planet Calypso.

Creating Your Avatar

You were a passenger on a mother ship carrying new colonists to Port Atlantis. Something went wrong. You managed to eject in an escape pod, but it crashed. The impact left your body severely damaged. Your mind had to be transferred into a whole new body, which was made for you when your body was brought to the Genesis Alpha Station revival facility.

You can modify every aspect of your new body using the Regeneration Panel.

Take your time, colonist, and use it wisely - you will not have the opportunity again, and your appearance when you leave the revival facility will be final. You will however meet surgeons on Calypso that are skilled enough to alter your appearance in many ways. The only thing that can not be changed is your sex.