Hunters are the backbone of Calypso’s society - not only do they provide colonists with valuable resources, they are also always ready to take up arms and defend the colony wherever and whenever required, whether it’s repelling a robot invasion or battling ravenous mutants on the shores of a newly discovered island.

Miners roam the continents of Calypso in search of valuable resources.

These resources usually fall into two main categories: mineral ore and energy matter. There are over 100 different types of ores and energy matters traded on Calypso every day, some common, some extremely rare, and some extremely valuable.

Crafters transform raw materials and natural resources into useful and valuable items and equipment.

From furniture and clothing to weapons and vehicles - colonists rely on crafters to provide them with all of the things that life on Calypso requires.

The coolest way to get around on Calypso is by using customized vehicles.

Use vehicles with mounted weapons in PvP zones or fly into space and travel to distant worlds.

No matter where you want to go, a vehicle will get you there faster and easier.

Use cybernetic implants to harness the power of your mind!

Move instantly over huge distances, destroy your enemies, or bring the dead back to life - this, and much more, is made possible by MindForce.

Swallow a Creature Control Capsule and take the role of a ferocious creature or robot and start hunting other avatars!

Much different, very fun!


Grab your friends, put on your best combat gear, jump into your twin-barrelled tank and set the course for the nearest enemy-held Fort. The battle is on.

Player-versus-player combat (or PvP) takes on many forms and takes on Calypso - on foot, in vehicles, on  land, in water, in the air, and even in space.

Test your skill in one-on-one in the Octagon, or help your Society take over the right to tax a land area. Will you fight for fun? For fortune?

Why not both?

Taming - Get your own Pet on Planet Calypso

The Harvesting System is another way to explore the vast lands of Planet Calypso and be able to bring back items of real value at the same time.