Land Area Management

The land management system allows for customized land areas and creature habitats. Land areas that have this feature have a Fertilizing Station present, through which the owner of the land can compose the features of the area.

Land Areas can be bought and sold at the Calypso public auction.

The Eco System

To create a well functioning local ecosystem, the land needs to be rich and fertile. To achieve this, Energized Fertilizer needs to be added and distributed from the Fertilizer Station.

The Energized Fertilizer is a unique compound made from animal dung and growth molecules. The creature dung may be collected from the ground, while the growth molecules are a newly discovered energy matter on Calypso. Adding Energized Fertilizer will give you Improvement Points (IPs) that can be used to modify the land. All changes to the land area have a cost in IPs. Also, sustaining a high level of creature maturity or numbers will cost IPs over time.


In order to include various creatures on the land, the owner needs to gather complete samples of creature DNA. Once this DNA has been acquired and processed, the creature may be added to the land’s fauna. This is done by dragging the DNA sample icon to the interface. Once added, the process begins by dispatching food chain algorithms to attract the creatures to the land, and quite soon the area's ecosystem will be altered to allow for the creatures.


Land areas may also serve as PvP areas. This PvP function may be turned on or off once every 24 hours.

See Player vs Player to learn more about PvP. (Coming soon)


Events may be organized on land areas where the land area owner has activated the Public Event Area option. This can be viewed by accessing the Land Claim Marker located at each land area.

There are three main types of events that can be created by colonists on Planet Calypso. PvP events are combat events where colonists battle each other for points or loot. Hunting events involve hunting different creatures on Calypso. Voting based events are events where colonists vote for the winner of the event.

Press the Create button on the Event List window. You will now be able to customize your event by determining the settings for all the details listed below. An event is comprised of the following elements, which must be determined during the creation process.

Event Name, Promoter, Description & Calendar

The name of the event and the creator of the event, description of the event and a scheduling function for an event area.

Event Rules

While inspecting an event you will be able to view the event Rules as set by the Event Promoter. During the Create Event process you may determine the rules yourself. Rules include which type of event it is: PvP, hunting or vote based. The rules also allow you to enable/disable PvP (in PvP events), allow/disallow healing, accumulate spent ammunition in the prize pool etc. Full descriptions of all the rules are available as tool tips when you hover the cursor over each rule in the RULES window.

Event Prize Items

View the Prize Items offered by the Event Promoter, or add your own Prize Item(s) during the Create Event process. While determining the Prize Items during the Create Event process, your Inventory will be automatically opened allowing you to transfer items into the Prize Items window.

Event Participants

Only available while inspecting an event, the Event Participants window presents a list of all registered participants for an event.

The Event Tickets

View ticket details for the event you are inspecting, or determine the tickets settings you wish to have, during the Create Event process. During the creation process you may decide how many tickets you wish to create, the price of the tickets, and if you wish to reserve any tickets to sell yourself. Tickets for events are, by default, bought by accessing the Event Organizer NPC. However, by reserving a number of tickets for yourself during the Create Event process, these Reserved Tickets will be transferred to your Inventory and you will be able to give away, trade or sell them as you wish. There is a charge associated with Reserved Tickets. This can be viewed when determining your ticket settings during the Create Event process.


All events have an Event Creation Charge which is a standard fee for initiating an event. There is also an Event Area Charge which varies depending on which area you wish to hold your event in. The Event Area Charge is displayed as a 'per hour' rate. The Total Event Cost is the final sum for creating the event. N.B. The Total Event Cost also includes the cost of any Reserved Tickets that you may have created.

Once you are satisfied with your Create Event settings, press Create. You will be presented with a total review of all charges and asked to Confirm your settings. Once you have confirmed, your event will be created. Please note that a hunting event staged in an area without creatures, for example in a building, might not be a very exciting event. It is therefore important to choose the location, event type and rules carefully during the Create Event process.

See Social - Events for information about events from a participant’s perspective.