A sophisticated market economy has developed on Calypso, along with a specialized terminology used for conducting business throughout the colony, especially when engaging in secure and direct player-to-player trades.

Thousands of items and goods change hands every day on Calypso. Most of them are traded through the planet-wide Auction network. Learn how you can use this powerful tool to make the most of your entrepreneurial endeavours on Calypso.

Acquire the right to a land area, sit back, and watch the tax revenue flow in - the life of a land area manager. A well managed land area will probably be more profitable, of course... Learn all about it right here.

A place to store your things, to entertain your friends, to run a small shop, or to count your loot after a successful hunting run - in short, a home. Or perhaps you’ll become a virtual real estate mogul? Learn how to get your hands on some hot Calypso real estate, and what to do when you’ve got it.

Whatever it is you want to sell, a shop will let you do it faster and with greater convenience both for you and your customers.

Get ready for the ultimate virtual capitalist experience, right here on Calypso.