Harvesting and Resource Gathering

In Entropia Universe release 15.3 a new resource gathering system was introduced.

The resource gathering system allow Avatars to harvest natural resources that can be used as raw materials in the crafting of more advanced materials. The harvested natural resources have a guaranteed TT value and can be traded on the Entropia markets.

The first phase of the harvesting system features wood harvesting. Trees containing wood resources, e.g. planks and wood shavings can be found in certain parts of the terrain so knowledge of the local environment will allow one to locate these valuable resources more easily.

In Entropia activities are connected to an Avatars skill and profession levels. For resource gathering a new Resource Gatherer profession has been created along with its related primary skill Resource Gathering. An increased skill and profession level will allow an Avatar to utilize faster and more powerful harvesting tools and thereby gather more resources.

The Terratech PH-1(L)

For beginners in the resource gatherer profession the TerraTech PH-1, a basic wood harvesting tool, can be purchased at Trade Terminals on all planets. Higher level harvesting tools can be manufactured in Entropia Universe crafting terminals with the required blueprints and materials. Manufactured harvesting tools can be traded between Avatars and in the Entropia auction just as most other tools.

When a harvesting tool is equipped, the resource that the tool can extract will lit up in the world when within range. Using the tool on such a resource will extract the materials.

There are different resource tiers, and harvesting tools have a rating indicating the highest resource tier that can be harvested (along with any lower tiers).

Each resource node, e.g. a tree, can only be harvested a limited number of times, and each node has a short timer after which the node will disappear once harvesting has begun.

A Moonleaf board

Harvestable trees are available on all the planets in Entropia Universe  and there are three types of resources that can be extracted from them; short, standard and long Moonleaf Boards. 

One of the primary uses for harvested resources is for the CLD estate plots on Planet Calypso. When claiming Small +, Medium and Large CLD Estate plots on Calypso an Avatar will need materials refined from resources harvested with the Terratech line of tools besides the Land Deeds. The refined materials needed, e.g. Composite planks, can be purchased from other Avatars or refined in Construction Terminals using a blueprint and the required ingredients.