On Calypso, the term estate refers to different forms of property available including apartments, houses, hangars and castles.

Every piece of property comes with an Estate Deed. The Estate Deed shows the name and location of the estate, and any additional area that may come with the property such as a garden etc. Some properties, especially apartments, do not come with additional areas.

There is no limit to the number of estates a single colonist may own, meaning that you may become a true real estate broker if you wish. Estate Deeds can be purchased from the auction, or through direct trade with other colonists.

Maintenance Fees may be applicable to some estates, such as apartments. Maintenance Fees must be paid in order to ensure continued access to the estate.

Estate Terminal

The Estate Terminal

Once you have acquired an Estate Deed, you will need to locate the Estate Terminal near the estate in question. When you have accessed the terminal by right clicking and choosing Operate, you need to press the Claim button while you have the Estate Deed in your Inventory. You will then be recognized as official owner of the estate and have full management access.

The Estate Terminal also displays various information about the estate, such as the maximum number of items you may store in the estate, the land area included in the estate, and the number of guests allowed.

Using the Estate Terminal, you may also set your estate to Public mode, meaning anyone may visit your estate.

The Estate Terminal has an option for Restricted or Unrestricted access. While set to Unrestricted, the estate owner may freely add and remove items or furniture from the property. When set to Restricted, the estate owner may not add or remove items or furniture from the property.

Note that as a new owner, when claiming your estate you also need to manually set the estate access to Unrestricted in order to begin interacting with the property.