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11 June 2019

New Features

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07 June 2019
The Mul are Awakening

The Colonial Xenobiological Institute (CXI) and the Calypso Defense Force (CDF) have issued a warning about increased Mul activity. The Mul mutants, Mulmun, Muluk-hir and Mulaak´f, are well known for their increased violent behaviour during this time of year.

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17 May 2019
Marcimex Unrest on Eudoria

The Calypso Defence Force (CDF) and the Colonial Xenobiology Institute (CXI) have issued a High Alert Warning after several groups of colonists have been attacked by hordes of Marcimex, an indigenous giant spider-like bug of Calypso.

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10 April 2019
Planet Calypso Content Release 2019.0.3


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26 March 2019
Planet Calypso Content Release 2019.0.2.1


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15 March 2019
Tactical Strike: Secure The Node

The Calypso Defense Force (CDF) urges all colonists to immediately help secure several areas on Eudoria that the Calypso Research and Defense Institute (RDI) has identified as critical to the robot enemy war effort.

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14 March 2019
Planet Calypso Content Release 2019.0.2


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08 February 2019
Cold Feffoid Fury

Massive hordes of Feffoid Mutants have been reported at the following locations:

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22 January 2019
Planet Calypso Content Release 2019.0.1


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13 December 2018
Merry Mayhem 2018

The Merry Mayhem 2018 Free-for-All category allows hunters (either solo or in teams) to compete for prizes in an unrestricted, no-holds-barred single-category format. Looted FFA Mayhem Stars are tradable, allowing participants to either sell their tokens to the highest bidder, or turn them in to increase their own event scores.

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