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12 October 2018
Snarksnot Rampage

The Colonial Xenobiological Institute (CXI) predicts an imminent rampage after observing signs of unusually large gatherings of Snarknots. The institute warns this rare phenomenon could be dangerous to colonists caught alone in the wild.

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03 October 2018
Planet Calypso Content Release 2018.4

  Planet Calypso Content Release 2018.4

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21 September 2018
Maffoid Rising

Once again the coming-of-age ritual of the Maffoids is upon us. The Calypso Defense Force (CDF) is urging colonists to be extra careful over the coming weeks.

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31 August 2018
Hogglo Diablo Sighted

Groups of Hogglo Diablo have been spotted in several locations around Eudoria and are creating havoc with the local settlements. Hunting parties are advised by the Colonial Xenobiology Institute to ensure they are well- equipped to deal with the rampaging beasts.

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17 August 2018
Wildlife Attack: Special Maturity Atrox and Neomex Sighted!

Highly aggressive creatures have been sighted in the vicinity of the following locations:

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16 August 2018
Eomon Pheromone Causes Wildlife Mania

As Eomon pheromone levels drop signalling the close of the Eomon Migration the local wildlife is on the edge of rampage.

For over a month now the planet’s creatures have been exposed to the potent, strength-inducing Eomon pheromone — inducing a violent mania.

Severe wildlife attacks are expected within the next 24 hours according to the latest reports from the Colonial Xenobiology Institute.

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06 July 2018
Eomon Migration 2018 has Begun!

The Mighty Eomon have started their epic migration across the plains of Eudoria – welcome to the year’s ultimate hunting challenge!

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03 July 2018
Summer Mayhem 2018 Results

Here are the results for the recent Summer Mayhem Event.

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29 June 2018
Eomon Migration 2018 Full Details

The annual Eomon migration season is closing in! Full details for the Eomon Migration 2018 are published at the event page.

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21 June 2018
Eomon Pheromone Levels Rising!

Eomon Migration is now only a couple of weeks away according to forecasts from the Colonial Xenobiological Institute following a recent surge of atmospheric Eomon pheromone.

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