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08 February 2018
Titans in the Shadows: Robot ‘Heavyweights’ to Return!

Big Bulk, Defender and Drone Coordinators have returned and are gathering their forces to strike out at settlements across Eudoria on February 9, according to intelligence obtained by colonists. The synchronized attacks are expected to be prolonged and widespread.

The news has seemingly taken the CDF off guard, with further reports of bigger and stronger ‘leader’ robots driving desperate CDF officers to mobilize colonists to meet the approaching assault.

During the battles Sphinx Net technology will intercept local AI transmissions and relay them to the global feed — any help deciphering robot communications is welcomed by the CDF. Stay tuned!


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02 February 2018
Hogglo Diablo Mash-Up: Tame, Hunt, PvP!

Tame, hunt and PvP all at once in another glorious Hogglo Diablo Mash Up taking place right now! These rare Hogglo breeds are event-exclusive, with loot being both shared and non-shared. 

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30 January 2018
Merry Mayhem 2017 Results

Solo 1
Place - Avatar - Time - Prize

1st - Explore Entropia Universe - 14m0s - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 6000 Mayhem Tokens
2nd - White fantasy Jenna - 16m55s - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 3000 Mayhem Tokens
3rd - super ultra combo - 17m12s - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 1500 Mayhem Tokens
4th - dual bistec OO8 - 17m23s - 2000 Mayhem Tokens
5th - guan Gorg Tuas - 17m31s - 1500 Mayhem Tokens
6th - Lize LizeLotte Sweden - 17m52s - 1000 Mayhem Tokens
7th - Helldorado helldorado Ibnicon - 17m54s 800 Mayhem Tokens
8th - Pulpita Pulpi Pulposa - 18m1s - 600 Mayhem Tokens
9th - Louy fap apple - 18m52s - 400 Mayhem Tokens
10th - Jacky DirtDevil Porter - 19m28s - 200 Mayhem Tokens

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19 December 2017
Merry Mayhem Update

An upcoming patch will address a rounding issue affecting weapon DPS restrictions in Merry Mayhem Solo instances, as well as terrain issues.

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15 December 2017
Merry Mayhem 2017 Full Details

Merry Mayhem 2017 starts today, Dec. 15, 14:00:00 UTC! 

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12 December 2017
Planet Calypso Content Release 2017.5


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08 December 2017
Mulmun Attack!

Multiple Sightings of vicious Mulmun fighters have been reported around Fort Zeus, Sakura City, Minopolis, Cape Corinth and Fort Ithaca. Colonists are advised to go heavily armed when travelling through these areas.

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07 December 2017
Merry Mayhem Preview - Solo Categories

In response to participant feedback, the maximum health restrictions for the Solo Mayhem categories have been revised as follows:

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30 November 2017
Merry Mayhem 2017 Preview

This year’s Merry Mayhem will introduce various new gameplay elements, rules, loot, as well as a new Mayhem Vendor where event participants can purchase exclusive Mayhem items.

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09 November 2017
Halloween Mayhem 2017 Results

The top 15 point scorers won the following prizes:

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