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12 April 2024
EBN: Robot Invasion Weekend Update

As the Calypso Defense Force and the colonists assisting them have been fighting off the robots across Calypso, one conclusion has become increasingly clear; the robots do not seem to be letting up. In addition, our anonymous sources within the colonial administration claim there may be reason to expect an escalation in the near future. 

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19 March 2024
Planet Calypso Content Release 2024.0.1.1


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13 March 2024
EBN: Increased Robot Presence

Earlier today, the Calypso Defense Force (CDF) issued an automated hostility alert to all inhabitants of Planet Calypso. In a concerning development, there has been a notable surge in robot activity across the Eudoria mainland; an escalation that may signal a prolonged period of heightened danger to our settlements.

EBN sources within the CDF have disclosed increased robotic threats and the emergence of previously unrecorded and more advanced versions of Miner Bots. These enhanced robots have been observed on the northwest part of New Treasure Island and throughout various locations in Eudoria, engaging in aggressive resource extraction activities.

The following robot threat levels across various regions have been established:

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12 March 2024
Planet Calypso Content Release 2024.0.1.0


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19 January 2024
Battling the Spina - Tips & Tricks!

We’ve asked Entropians on the Planet Calypso Forum what their tips and tricks are for handling the invasive species Spina!

Armor ​- Plate​ - Stab -​ Penetration -​ Acid​ - TOTAL COVERAGE​

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28 November 2023
Planet Calypso Content Release 2023.0.5.0


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28 November 2023
Spawn of Echidna

Warning! The third crash site containing the Spina is a high-level threat to Planet Calypso's colonists, Calypso Defence Force (CDF) confirms. Unusual power readings from the wreckage have been detected, but due to the hostile nature of the Spinas at this site, all CDF attempts to approach the area have failed.

The lack of CDF presence at the site has enabled the Spina to spread to a cave near Echidna. The fear is that the Spinas have started to breed, and the CDF urges brave colonists to prevent this hostile species from settling nests before it is too late!

The CDF warns that these Spina are different and more dangerous than formerly known. There is an urgent call for experienced groups of colonists to assist the critical situation. Please seek out CDF Sergeant Velya at Camp Echidna for further information.

If nothing is to be done, this infestation might never end.

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27 November 2023
Third crash site - CDF Report

A report from the Calypso Defence Force (CDF) confirms the existence of a third wreckage from the unknown spaceship that crashed on Eudoria. The report states the CDF radar identified the crash site during the impact, but the severity of the situation was underestimated. It has now been disclosed that heightened Spina activity around the Echidna mountains suggests the threat is far more severe than initially anticipated.

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19 September 2023
Flight of the Scarabs

Mayday! The Calypso Defence Force (CDF) has received a distress call from a transport ship heading out from Setesh Moon, and the situation has escalated dramatically. Losing contact with the transport ship it veered off course at high speed into Calypso’s atmosphere breaking apart and crashing onto mainland Eudoria. As of now, we have confirmed two crash sites. Both sites have been overrun by invasive and hostile creatures that emerged from the wreckage.

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19 September 2023
Planet Calypso Content Release 2023.0.4.0


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