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08 February 2019
Cold Feffoid Fury

Massive hordes of Feffoid Mutants have been reported at the following locations:

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22 January 2019
Planet Calypso Content Release 2019.0.1


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13 December 2018
Merry Mayhem 2018

The Merry Mayhem 2018 Free-for-All category allows hunters (either solo or in teams) to compete for prizes in an unrestricted, no-holds-barred single-category format. Looted FFA Mayhem Stars are tradable, allowing participants to either sell their tokens to the highest bidder, or turn them in to increase their own event scores.

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11 December 2018
Planet Calypso Content Release 2018.5


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23 November 2018
Robot Legions Rise

Colossal Drone and Droka forces are leading legions of Big Bulks, Defenders and Steel Birds in a coordinated attack on multiple settlements across Eudoria according to alarming reports received by the CDF (Calypso Defense Force).

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21 November 2018
Audited Calypso Land Deeds Revenue 2017

The audited Calypso Land Deed revenue sharing for 2017 can be found on

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30 October 2018
Planet Calypso Content Release 2018.4.2


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23 October 2018
Planet Calypso Content Release 2018.4.1


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12 October 2018
Snarksnot Rampage

The Colonial Xenobiological Institute (CXI) predicts an imminent rampage after observing signs of unusually large gatherings of Snarknots. The institute warns this rare phenomenon could be dangerous to colonists caught alone in the wild.

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03 October 2018
Planet Calypso Content Release 2018.4

  Planet Calypso Content Release 2018.4

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