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06 July 2018
Eomon Migration 2018 has Begun!

The Mighty Eomon have started their epic migration across the plains of Eudoria – welcome to the year’s ultimate hunting challenge!

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03 July 2018
Summer Mayhem 2018 Results

Here are the results for the recent Summer Mayhem Event.

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29 June 2018
Eomon Migration 2018 Full Details

The annual Eomon migration season is closing in! Full details for the Eomon Migration 2018 are published at the event page.

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21 June 2018
Eomon Pheromone Levels Rising!

Eomon Migration is now only a couple of weeks away according to forecasts from the Colonial Xenobiological Institute following a recent surge of atmospheric Eomon pheromone.

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08 June 2018
Summer Mayhem 2018 Update

As previously announced, several technical issues with the Summer Mayhem event timer have appeared. Those issues did not occur on the test servers, and only surfaced once released to the live servers with many simultaneous users.

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05 June 2018
Summer Mayhem Announcement

Mul mutants are engaging in strange rituals just after the detection of Eomon pheromone in the atmosphere. Tribe members from all three Mul species are taking part in the ritual dancing and brawling, which is believed to be a rite of passage as well as symbolizing the cyclic hunting of the Eomon. As Eomon pheromone levels continue to rise the mutants performing these rituals have become increasingly aggressive and are now launching raids on our settlements.

It is predicted that these raids will spread and intensify.

For the protection of the colony, it is imperative that we take the fight to the mutants and draw away these mindless attacks on the settlements

Event Entrance

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05 June 2018
Ritual Rampage: Mul Warriors Strike After Wild Ritual!

As predicted yesterday, ferocious bands of Mulmun, Mulaak'f and Muluk-Hir are heading towards Fort Ithaca, Fort Pandora and Fort Zeus after having performed a diabolical-looking ritual. We are now under siege!

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05 June 2018
Planet Calypso Content Release 2018.3


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04 June 2018
Mul Attacks Predicted by CXI Scientists!

Study of a newly-discovered Mul ritual suggests intense mutant hostility is likely to start tomorrow, June 5.  

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25 May 2018
Summer Mayhem 2018 Preview

A new Summer Mayhem event is planned to take place prior to the Eomon Migration. 

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