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19 August 2022
Eomon Pheromone Levels Dropping

Eomon pheromone levels have started to decline, signalling the end of the yearly Eomon Migration is near. This typically causes local wildlife to rampage, as they have been exposed to strength-inducing pheromones from the Eomon herds over a prolonged period.

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10 June 2022
Eomon Pheromone Levels Rising

Calypso's Eomon Pheromone tracker system is reporting a steady increase in atmospheric pheromone levels. Scientists predict that the 2022 Eomon migration season will start on Wednesday June 22.

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03 June 2022
The Mul’s Arise

The infamously aggressive Mulmun, Muluk-hir, and Mulaak’f mutants are on the move for their yearly ritual for the annual migration season!

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31 May 2022
Planet Calypso Content Release 2022.0.1


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06 May 2022
Marcimex Unrest

Breaking News - New hordes of Marcimex, the giant spider-like pests of Calypso, are crawling up from their underground habitats and are swarming several locations across Calypso. Highly alert and aggressive, these insects have already attacked several groups of colonists!

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04 March 2022
Robot Spring Offensive

Robot invaders on Calypso are amassing their forces for another spring offensive. As the robots are coming en masse, all colonists are advised to stay vigilant. The robots are primarily targeting the settlements at Camp Phoenix, Cape Corinth, Chugs Hideout, Fort Ithaca, Fort Pandora, Fort Troy, Minopolis, and the robot main base at Hadesheim.

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04 February 2022
Mutant Fury

Large hordes of Feffoid mutants and Feffox are gathering around Calypso, causing havoc and distress in several normally peaceful regions.

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07 December 2021
Planet Calypso Content Release 2021.0.5.1


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30 November 2021
Planet Calypso Content Release 2021.0.5


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19 October 2021
Planet Calypso Content Release 2021.0.4


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