Colonists use shops, shop booths and portable NPC shopkeepters to display and sell items to other colonists on Calypso.

The first and most important item needed to open a shop is the Estate Deed for the shop you wish to operate. Estate Deeds are the official deeds to houses, apartments, shops and shop booths. Estate Deeds may be bought from the auction or through direct trade with another colonist.

Once the Estate Deed has been acquired, the shop needs to be claimed through the Estate Terminal. Accessing the Estate Terminal with the relevant Estate Deed in your Inventory will allow the estate to be claimed - just click the Claim button in the Estate Terminal interface.

You will then be recognized as official owner of the shop and have full management access.


A regular maintenance fee must be paid in order to run your shop or shop booth. This fee will vary depending on where your shop is located. The maintenance fee will be displayed in the Estate Terminal interface.

When selling an item, a landowner fee may also be added to the retail price and paid to the owner of the land where the shop is located. An example would be the owner of a shopping mall in which your shop is located.

When viewing the Item Info for any item, the landowner fee is included in the displayed sales price.

Displaying Items & Price Setting

The shelves, floors, walls and outside windows of shops may be used as display areas. Shop booths also have a number of shelves on which items may be displayed. In order to display an item, it must be dragged from your Inventory and placed on the display area. At this point, the item is only displayed and not available for sale - the retail price needs to be set.

Right-click the item and choose Set Item Price from the interaction menu. Set the retail price for the item. Once set and confirmed, the item will be available for sale to other colonists. The lowest retail price that may be set for an item is Trade Terminal value plus 1 PED.

Note: If an item, such as a sword, is placed on another item for sale, such as a table, the table cannot be sold until the sword has first been removed or sold first.

While viewing items in another colonist's shop, right click and choose Item Info from the interaction menu. The Item Info will display full details about the item including its current condition and TT value. If a Retail Price is not displayed, the item is for display purposes only, and is not for sale.


While traditional shops and shop booths have dedicated display areas, houses and apartments need to be complemented with a shopkeeper NPC (non-player character) in order for items to be sold there.

NPC shopkeeper pads can be purchased from the auction or through direct trade with other colonists. While hunting in the wilds of Calypso, they may also be looted from a range of different creatures. These shopkeeper pads, once placed and activated (right-click on the pad and choose operate from the interaction menu) allow you to dress the shopkeeper and set prices for different items from your Inventory, making them available for sale to other colonists on Calypso.