Scientists have unlocked the mental and physical depths of the human mind, and discovered ways of stimulating inactive parts of the brain. Experiments have revealed hidden realms of powerful latent mental abilities within the human mind.

By adding external Mind Essence energy to boost these powers, new abilities have emerged with a force unlike anything ever experienced. In the darker ages, mankind would have referred to it as magic but in the era of science it has been given the name Mindforce - the force of the mind.

Devices can enhance and fuel Mindforce with the energy needed to truly manifest itself by the use of will and skill. These devices are small enough to be implanted in the head and are directly connected to the brain. Mindforce is said to be the tool of the future and is considered by many as the next step in human evolution.

An Implant Inserter

Mindforce Requirements

In order to begin using Mindforce, you will need the following items:

  • A NeoPsion Implant
  • A Payn-Inc Implant Inserter
  • A Mindforce Chip
  • Mind Essence

The NeoPsion Implant & Payn-Inc Implant Inserter

The NeoPsion Implant holds the various MindForce Power chips. A range of NeoPsion Implants are available to accommodate the different levels of Power chips. For example, the NeoPsion Implant 10 can hold MindForce chips with a level requirement up to 10. The NeoPsion Implant 20 can hold MindForce chips with a level requirement up to 20.

You can check which professional standing is required for the MindForce chip you want to use by right clicking the chip and checking its Item Info.


How to insert the NeoPsion Implant?

The NeoPsion Implant is inserted into your brain using the Payn-Inc Implant Inserter tool. The Payn-Inc Implant Inserter can be bought from Trade Terminals on Calypso, as can the standard NeoPsion 10 MindForce Implant.

Tip: You can find these tools under "Medical" in the Trade Terminal interface.

To insert the NeoPsion Implant, open your inventory and the MindForce tab. Drag the NeoPsion over the Payn-Inc Inserter; you will see that the icon changes to show the NeoPsion attached to the Implant Inserter. Now, equip the Payn-Inc Implant Inserter tool and operate it. You have now inserted your implant.

MindForce Chip

MindForce Chips

The MindForce powers are unlocked by inserting the correct MindForce chip into the NeoPsion Implant. Once you have a NeoPsion implanted, you can use any MindForce chips that the NeoPsion supports, simply by equipping the MindForce chip when you need them, or hotkeying them for quick access.

MindForce chips belong to one of several different categories: attack, heal, defensive and utility.

  • Attack Chips: These chips include the Electric, Combustion and Cryogenic Attack chips, for example. They inflict different types of damage on the target.
  • Strike Chips: These chips will damage creatures and avatars within a certain radius. If the avatar inflicting the damage is in a team, the team members will not be harmed. Examples of these chips are Electric Strike chips, Cryogenic Strike chips and Combustive Strike chips.
  • Regeneration Chips: Regeneration chips are used to heal your avatar and allies.
  • Regeneration Field: Regeneration Field chips will heal all avatars within a certain radius. If the healer is in a team, only those in the team will be affected by the heal.
  • Synchronization chips: For a period of time, your concentration period will be protected from interruption.
  • Teleportation chips: These chips allow your avatar to travel great distances instantaneously using teleportation technology.
  • Wormhole Chips: These chips allow you to open up a wormhole to another player on your friend list, allowing all avatars nearby to teleport to the other location, including yourself and your friend.
  • Resurrect Chips: Certain rare Resurrect chips are available, which allow the MindForce user to resurrect dead avatars.

Note that the MindForce chips have different potency levels, indicating how effective they are. This is indicated by the suffix in chip's name, and is also displayed in the Item Info panel (right-clicking on the chip). Some MindForce chips have skill requirements, meaning you need to train your skills in the MindForce area before these powers can be attempted at all.

Mind Essence

Mind Essence

Mind Essence is a refined energy substance required for the use of different MindForce abilities. You will be consuming Mind Essence every time you use a MindForce chip; the amount consumed per use is displayed in the Item Info panel of the MindForce chip.

You must have Mind Essence in your inventory in order to use most MindForce abilities. Some chips may consume either Universal Ammo or Mind Essence, this is specified in the Item Info panel for each chip under the heading "Mind essence type".

There are three kinds of Mind Essence:

  • Synthetic Mind Essence: The only one of the three types that can be found in the Trade Terminal and thus comes without any added markup value. Synthetic Mind Essence is commonly used in the lower level Damage and Heal chips.
  • Light Mind Essence: Light Mind Essence is made from refining Diluted Sweat with Force Nexus using a Energy Refiner available from the Trade Terminal. Force Nexus is a raw energy material found through mining. Light Mind Essence is typically used for Area Heal and Area Damage Chips.
  • Mind Essence: Mind Essence is made by combining Vibrant Sweat and Force Nexus using the Enmatter Refiner. Mind Essence is mainly used for Teleportation and Synchronization chips.
Diluted Sweat

Different types of Sweat:

  • Diluted Sweat: Can be looted from any creature in Entropia Universe.
  • Vibrant Sweat: All colonists on Calypso can gather Vibrant Sweat from creatures, and this is a popular way to earn your first PED on Calypso. So-called "Sweating" is done by equipping and using the VSE Mk 1 tool given to every colonist when they arrive on Planet Calypso. Aim the VSE Mk 1 at a sweatable creature (Robots, Mutants and Fish are not sweatable) to gather Vibrant Sweat.

After obtaining sweat, it can be then sold to other colonists or used with Force Nexus to create Mind Essence. Force Nexus is a raw energy material found through mining.

When you have the Implant inserted, the MindForce Chip equipped, and the right type of Mind Essence needed in your Inventory, you are ready to begin using MindForce.


After having used your MindForce power, you will experience a cooldown. During the cooldown time for one MindForce chip, no chip in the same cooldown group can be used. During the cooldown period it is still possible to unequip the chip and use other tools or chips that are not included in the same cooldown group. Cooldown groups and times can be found in Item Info panels for the specific MindForce chip.