There are many different types of vehicles on Calypso, and lots of peripherals you can use in order to enhance your experience.

However, the very basics you need in order to drive a vehicle are:

  • A vehicle
  • Refined Oil

Vehicles are can be obtained by crafting or acquired from other colonists, either in direct trade or through the auction. Refined oil is the refined product of oil, a resource found when mining. It can also be acquired from other colonists, either in direct trade or through the auction. Oil can also be found near the Oil Rig.

See Player vs Player - Oil Rig to learn more about the Oil Rig. (Coming soon)


Some vehicles can be fitted with weapons. Most vehicles have a dedicated gunner’s seat, but some can also have weapons attached that can be fired from the driver’s seat.

To utilize weapons, an avatar must have the weapon in their inventory while occupying a weapons-enabled seat, as well as the required ammunition. Once in the gunner seat, equip the weapon in order to use it, and fire!

Examples of Vehicle Weapons are: Ozutsu, Porcupine, MRL AV30.

You can also quickly change seats in order to take control of the gunner seat, or take control of the wheel. Look under the "Driving and Managing Vehicles" tab to read more about vehicle actions.

Driving and Managing Vehicles

Driving a Vehicle

First, spawn the vehicle by either double clicking its icon, right click its icon and select "Place" or simply drag the icon out to the ground. Note that you need to be on flat terrain in order to spawn the vehicle.

Once spawned, you will need to fuel the vehicle with Refined Oil in order to drive it. A refuel dialogue will be displayed upon spawn if the vehicle has no fuel. Simply drag Refined Oil from your inventory into the refuel vehicle dialogue. You will receive a message that the vehicle has been fueled. After having done so, enter the vehicle by pressing "F" or by double-clicking on it.

All vehicles are controlled using the keyboard.

  • Accelerate - W
  • Reverse - S
  • Steer vehicle - A and D
  • Ascend - Shift (Flying vehicles only)
  • Descend - Ctrl (Flying vehicles only)

The mouse is used for camera control, the same way as in avatar mode.

Remember to Pick Up the vehicle after you’re done using it!  If a vehicle is not picked up it will eventually be moved to planetary storage. It must then be retrieved from a Storage Terminal.

Right-click the vehicle and click “Pick up” in the context menu to put it back in your inventory.

Action buttons & Context Menu Features

There are several useful vehicle action buttons. You can either access them in the Action Book anytime you need them, or add them to a custom keyboard setup. Many of these functions are also accessible through the spawned vehicle’s context menu. Open the Action Book (Default hotkey: Y) and go to the Control section to see the options available:

  • Vehicle Brake: Brings the vehicle to a stop.
  • Toggle Vehicle Lights: Turns the front and back lights on and off.
  • Next Vehicle Seat: Switches avatar between the available seats.
  • Recall all Vehicles: Moves all your spawned vehicles to planetary storage. They must then be retrieved from a Storage Terminal before they can be used again.
  • Exit Vehicle: Causes the avatar to exit the vehicle.
  • How to allow a friend access to the car: After having spawned the vehicle, right click it and find "Open Vehicle Guest UI". Open your friends-list, and drag the friend's name from your friends-list into the guest-list. You can also change the permissions for each friend, allowing them to either take the gunner or driver seat, both, or none.
  • Vehicle Inventory: In order to access the vehicle inventory, you need to step out of the vehicle. Right click the vehicle and press "Open Vehicle Inventory". Drag and drop the items you want stored from your inventory and to the Vehicle Inventory.


You can customize vehicles by adding color and textures to them. This is done in the same way as coloring a garment or furniture.

See Crafting - Customization for more information on customizing the appearance of items.


A vehicle will take damage from creatures and other players in PvP zones. Your avatar will not take damage from a burning vehicle, but will be ejected from it. To fix the vehicle so you can use it again, you can use the handheld RK5 repair tool. Point the tool at the vehicle and operate. You must also have welding wire in your inventory.

This damage is not the same as decay. The vehicle will decay as you use it. Depending on whether the vehicle is a limited or unlimited version, you will be able to repair it in a Repair Terminal. However both limited and unlimited vehicles can be fixed by using the Vehicle RK tools.

Driving a vehicle into deep water will also cause your avatar to be ejected. In order to retrieve the vehicle, right click the vehicle and click "Pick up" in the context menu. You can also use the hotkey "Retrieve all Vehicles", which will move the vehicle to planetary storage. It must then be retrieved from a Storage Terminal before it can be used again.



Entering Space

Calypso is just one of the many planets within Entropia Universe. The prospect of interplanetary trade and the exploration and exploitation of alien worlds has lead to the development of various methods of space travel.

Some flying vehicles, such as the VTOL and the Quadwing, can be fitted with a Space Thruster. The Space Thruster allows them to escape the atmosphere of Calypso, enter Space and travel to other planets. Space Thrusters can be obtained through crafting or from other colonists, either in direct trade or through the Auction or in shops. Attach a space thruster to a space-worthy vehicle by dragging and dropping it on the vehicle’s icon in your inventory or storage.

Landing on a Planet

Simply navigate towards a planet to enter its atmosphere. Entering the atmosphere of any planet by ship incurs an entry fee of 2 PED.

Some larger spaceships such as Privateers and Motherships are too large to enter planetary atmospheres, and require the use of smaller ships or a teleporter.

Teleporters located on space stations allow avatars to reach a planet's surface. See more about this under “Space stations” further down this page.

Maneuvering in Space

Controls for vehicles are slightly different in space from what they are inside planetary atmospheres. In aim mode, the space ship turns in the direction you move your mouse. This is indicated by a +-shaped secondary crosshair which appears only in space. In cursor mode, the ship turns in the direction you move your mouse only when the right mouse button is held.

This allows for greater maneuverability in space which provides for more exciting combat.

The controls are the same in third-person mode as in first-person mode.

Interplanetary Shuttle Traffic

Motherships are an alternative for colonists without spaceworthy ships of their own, or who simply desire low-risk space travel. These eight leviathans of space are owned and controlled by colonists, some of whom offer other colonists regular shuttle rides between the worlds of Entropia Universe.

The benefit of motherships is not only their massive armor and armaments, but also the ability to make instant leaps over huge distances in space - via warp speed. Privateers can also access warp speed. Both types of ship require a Warp Drive to enable warp speed.

Larger ships, such as the Privateers and Motherships, can last longer in battle by being repaired from within by crewmembers manning repair stations. Just like when repairing any other vehicle, it requires a RK5 repair tool and some welding wire.

Space Stations

Space isn’t all empty wasteland. Outposts and space stations are located in strategic locations in space. One can for example be found just outside every planet. These outposts provide space travellers with a safe place to repair their ships, restock on necessities and socialize with other space travellers.

If a colonist is killed in space, he or she will be revived in the nearest space station.

Space stations also feature a teleporter, which may be used to travel to the surface of the nearest planet (if the space station is situated outside a planet) and to teleport colonists to the interior of ships docked at the station. Teleporting from a space station to the surface comes with a fee of 7 PED. Space stations cannot be reached by using the teleporter on a planet’s surface.

Beware of Pirates and Monsters!

All of Space is Lootable PvP*

While in space, your ship may come under attack by other colonists or by space monsters.

When the ship a space traveller is currently occupying is destroyed, the avatar will be ejected into space, and will then float around for approximately thirty seconds before being revived at the nearest space station. During this time frame, the ship less avatar may be killed by other colonists or by space creatures.

All of space is Lootable PvP - which means that if a colonist is killed in space by another avatar, all the stackable items in their inventory, with certain exceptions, can be looted by the avatar by the victor.

Never enter space with more stackable items than you can afford to lose.

See Player vs Player to learn more about  fighting other colonists. (Coming soon)

*Except space station parking areas and inside the space stations themselves.