Banks on Calypso

There are currently five banks on Planet Calypso. Located in Port Atlantis, Twin Peaks, New Oxford, Atlas Haven and Fort Argus. The specially designed bank buildings allow colonists to borrow PED using their virtual assets as security.

Applying for a Loan

Go to any of the banks and access the Bank Panel by right click the Bank Teller NPC and choosing Operate from the interaction menu.

The Bank Panel will open, providing you with full details and access to the bank’s services.

Browse the different item categories, or search for a specific item. Item names and current loan offers will be displayed in the main display section of the bank panel.

The 'Loan Offer' column displays how much the particular bank is willing to loan with the item as security. The default offer is the item’s current TT (Trade Terminal) Value minus 10% of the items maximum TT Value unless otherwise edited by the owner.

Limited and stackable items' loans are displayed as a percentage of the item’s TT Value. Unlimited items' loans are displayed as their TT Value plus/minus a PED amount.

Edited 'Special Items' are marked with a yellow exclamation mark symbol in front of their name. These are the most unique offers available from this particular bank.

By highlighting any item in the lists, you can use the 'Market Value' button in the lower right corner to review an item’s Market Value History. This information is collected from the official in-world auction.

Review the loan conditions by pressing the 'Loan Conditions' button at the bottom of the Bank Panel.

Apply for a loan by pressing the 'Loan Application' button at the bottom of the Bank Panel. By dragging an item from your Inventory into the designated area on the Loan Application panel the loan details are presented. You can then choose to 'Accept' or 'Cancel' the offer. A confirm panel will present a summary of the loan and ask for your approval before processing the loan.

Don't forget to use the help texts '?' provided in each panel.

The loan amount will then be transferred to your PED Card, and a Loan Voucher with details of the loan transferred to your Inventory.

Redeeming a Loan

In order to redeem a loan you will need to visit the Bank Teller NPC at the bank where you took out your loan.

Right click on the Bank Teller NPC and choose Operate from the context menu.

The Bank Panel will open.

Click on the 'My Loans' tab and highlight the item loan you wish to redeem.

Press the Redeem Loan button in the lower right corner of the panel.

Review the details and confirm that you want to redeem the loan. The Loan amount plus interest will be drawn from your PED Card and the item transferred to your Inventory.

Defaulting on a Loan

When a loan is not redeemed, the item in question is automatically transferred to the bank owner's inventory when the loan period expires.