Pets & Taming

Having a pet in the Entropia Universe allows you to have a companion wherever you go! Not only that but depending on the pet, you can gain various buffs that benefit your Avatar.

Name plate with heart icon

You can find tameable creatures all over the planets in the Entropia Universe. You can identify tameable creatures by a heart icon at the left of the creature's nameplate and health bar.

The Taming process

You need to use a whip to tame a creature. The higher your taming-related skills, the easier for you to tame a creature and turn it into your pet.

When you start taming, two metric bars, [Spirit] and [Respect], will appear in the creature’s nameplate.

The creature's Spirit lowers, and its Respect increases as you use the taming tool.

The creature takes damage during the taming process, and you have to wait for its health to regenerate enough to withstand the following use of the tool. During the regeneration time, the Spirit will increase while the Respect diminishes.

To finish the taming attempt on the creature, the Spirit bar has to go below its threshold line while the Respect bar is above its threshold line simultaneously. Click the [Tame Now!] that appears next to the Spirit and Respect bars to attempt to tame the creature.

Name plate with the Tame Now option

Please note that the taming attempt might fail. If the taming attempt fails, the creature will regain some of its Spirit and lose some Respect towards you. If the creature stays alive, you can continue the process and make more attempts.


Access Your Pet

Right click menu on Pet Statue

Your new pet will become an asset in your inventory as a pet statue. When in the inventory/storage, the pets are in stasis and do not require any extra energy or care. 

If you wish to access your pet, double-click the inventory pet statue or right-click it and select [Summon Pet] to summon it.

The Pet UI.

The Pet UI

With the pet summoned, the Pet UI window will open. The Pet UI shows the name of your pet, your pet's information, and their different status bars.

  • Level - Your pet's current level.
  • Focus - The focus value will determine how much your tricks will be gained in experience, affection, and mood. Focus will regain over time but much slower if in inventory. If you push your pet too hard, the benefit will be lower.
  • XP - The XP bar shows the experience level percentage of the pet. You unlock new levels as you play with, do tricks with, and care for the pet. The bar shows the percentage until you reach the next level.
  • Affection - Each pet will gain affection towards you based on how well you take care of it. Building a deep connection by treating the pet well will give bonus experience and passive buffs.
  • Mood - Tamed pets have moods. You must play, feed, and cuddle your pet to keep it happy!
  • Energy - The Energy bar determines how well-fed a pet is. How well-fed a pet is will affect its mood. Letting the pet starve will eventually make it grumpy.

To return the pet to your inventory, click the pet symbol in the Pet UI and select [Dismiss Pet].


Pet Energy

Pets gain energy when you feed them Nutrio Bars. You can make Nutrio Bars from a refined matter of collected fruit and mined "Sweetstuff". Use a refiner to make Nutrio Bars or obtain it from other players via private trade or the Entropia Auction.

To feed your pet, right-click a stack of Nutrio bars in your inventory and select the [Feed Pet] option. Once you click a selection, the Pet UI window will open, and you can choose how many Nutrio Bars you want to give your pet.

The possible amount of Nutrio Bars to give ranges from 1 to either the amount required to reach 99% of the pet's "Energy" bar or the maximum number of Nutrio Bars in the selected stack.


Leveling and Tricks

When the pet gains experience and the XP bar reaches 100%, it will earn a new level. Reaching a new level could mean unlocking a new trick or ability. The experience needed to level up and unlock different passive abilities differs for each pet.

Important pet level thresholds (excluding tricks):

  • Level 1: "Metabolic Acceleration" and pet-related "Skill gains" can be bought from a Pet Center Manager
  • Level 5: Increased health buff can be bought from the Pet Center Manager
  • Level 7: You can summon pets on planets other than their origin

For buffs purchased from the Pet Center Manager to be active, the pet has to be summoned and have reached the "Loved" affection level.

The Pet Center Manager can be found on each planet in locations designated for future Stable Estates.


Pet Tricks

To tell the pet to do the trick, click the portrait on the Pet Dashboard UI. The unlocked tricks for the pet are under the “Tricks” submenu.

Tricks will give your Avatar skills and affect the pet's experience, affection, and mood values. Performing tricks will also consume some energy. Pets cannot perform tricks when their mood is “sad”.

Certain tricks require a higher profession level in the Pet Handler profession. You can increase your Pet Handler profession through other activities. You can only command your pet to do its new trick once you've reached the required level.


Pets and Trading

Pets are only tradable through private player-to-player trade. Beware that the pet will lose all affection (including affection towards you) when it changes its owner.

Selling a pet to the trade terminal will only get you the PED value of its remaining energy.


Tools for Taking Care of Pets

You can use tools such as a brush and a name tag for your pets. The brush can tighten the bonds between master and pet and increase the stats and level of the pet. The Pet Name Tag allows you to add a specific name to your pet. You can buy Pet Name Tags in the Entropia Universe Webshop.