A New Beginning

Your New Life On Calypso After Leaving Thule

Planet Calypso is an open-ended, open-world experience. The colonists of Calypso shape their own destiny, by setting their own goals and finding their own ways of completing them.

You can use the rest of the How to play section or various community resources to learn about what Planet Calypso has to offer - or why not find some friends to help you on your way by joining a Society, visiting the forums, or enrolling in the mentor program!


Planet Calypso and the rest of Entropia Universe is as complex as it is huge. A good way to overcome the steep learning curve is by finding a mentor!

The Calypso mentor program allows new arrivals to receive info and help from veteran colonists. A mentor can help a newcomer out of difficult situations, or give advice on anything and everything Planet Calypso, for example which equipment is best to buy based on a new arrivals current budget and skill levels.

Mentors can be found almost anywhere, but especially in the main new arrivals town of Port Atlantis. A mentor can only accept a disciple as long as the disciple has very low skills. A potential disciple should have a professional standing of Newbie or Inept. A list of your avatar's current skills can be viewed in the Skills Panel.

You may want to discuss what is being offered by a mentor before accepting or declining a mentorship offer. Remember that if you accept a mentor, you have a short grace period (up to 10 percent of the graduation skills level) during which you can break the mentorship deal, otherwise you are committed until you have advanced beyond your disciple status and graduated. To graduate you are only required to attain one of the Graduation Levels of the disciple skills.

Upon Graduation both you and your mentor will be rewarded!

Your First PED

The currency used on Calypso and the Entropia Universe of which it is part is called the Project Entropia Dollar, or PED for short.

Colonists can earn PED in many different ways. From acquiring valuable resources and items through professions such as hunting and mining, or from investments such as land management and resource speculation. But activities often require PED to begin with. Hunters need to invest in weapons and armor, while miners need equipment and tools to unearth valuable resources. Entrepreneurs and market traders must have PED to invest.

As a New Arrival, you can obtain PED in two ways.

1. Work For Other Colonists

Some New Arrivals choose to perform services for other colonists or collect readily available resources – vibrant sweat, fruit, dung – to earn their first few PED.

2. Deposit Funds To Your Entropia Universe Account

Depositing funds to your Entropia Universe account allows you to greatly accelerate your progress on Planet Calypso. Perhaps you have chosen your future profession? Depositing will allow you to purchase the equipment and skills needed to help your avatar prosper on Calypso.

Or perhaps you have found some activity that interests you, such as player-versus-player (PVP) combat or tailoring. Whatever activity or profession you choose to do on Calypso, adding funds to your avatar’s PED card will allow you to enjoy and explore the fascinating virtual environment better, faster, and easier.

To deposit funds into your Entropia Universe account, choose from the options available on the account pages. Deposits can also be made inside Entropia Universe by clicking on the Deposit icon near the top of the screen.