The Eomon are on the Move!

The annual Eomon migration season is here! Take part in a spectacular piece of Calypsian history and witness the majestic Eomon migrate over the plains of the Eudoria continent.

For the 2021 migration season there are four new missions added for Eomon and Longtooth.

The annual Eomon migration continues to be a popular seasonal hunting event for new and seasoned big game hunters alike. As many other species such as the Mulmun mutants and Atrox predators follow in the wake of the mighty Eomon herd, many opportunities open up for avid hunters and teams.

Apart from the Eomon herd migrating over the south east of the Eudoria continent, the Longtooth moves over the fields of the northwest.

There are also Longtooth Adolescents, ideal for lower level hunters, and Longtooth wave events at a number of locations. 

Extra skill rewards are available for both solo hunters and teams.

Event Dates

The Eomon migration is closely linked to the growth of Eomon pheromones in the atmosphere. The migrations typically start a few days after the Eomon pheromone levels have peaked.

The Research and Development Institute (RDI) closely monitors the concentration of pheromones and now estimate that the migration for 2021 will start at June 23, 2021.

Migration Paths

Estimated migration paths for both the Eomon and Longtooth species have been released by RDI Xenobiologists based on data collected from previous migrations.

This data analysis predicts that the Longtooth Migration Path will begin east of Cape Corinth and south of Livas outpost, and end near Fort Ithaca.

The Eomon migration begins in the eastern parts of the Eudorian continent in the Minopolis desert region, passing near Ashi before ending in the south near Camp Carter.  



Longtooth Adolescents

Longtooth Adolescents, suitable for younger hunters, have been spotted at the following locations:

  • Chug’s Hideout
  • Fort Zeus

Longtooth Adolescents are suitable for newer hunters.



Longtooth Wave Events

Herds of Longtooth are wandering the wilds of the Eudorian continent at the following locations:

  • West of Fort Argus – higher maturity
  • North of Livas Heights – higher maturity
  • North of Atlas Haven – lower maturity
  • South of Limnadian District – lower maturity

Eomon & Longtooth missions

Two new mission structures are added with the 2021 Eomon migration, as they are Eomon migration specific missions they will be reset for all participants in the first content release following the migration event.

To receive these missions go speak to the Unnamed RDI Xenobiologist located at Minopolis.

Once you have met the contribution goals of the missions you will be rewarded with the following rewards.

  • Eomon Daily “Guts and Glory” mission, 2 Daily Token and 400 Blazar Fragments 
  • Eomon “Circuit Taker” mission, a choice of one E.L.M Edition weapon and 23,000 Blazar Fragments
  • Longtooth Daily “Touch a Nerve” mission, 1 Daily Token and 200 Blazar Fragments
  • Longtooth “Take a Breather” mission, a choice of one E.L.M Edition weapon and 12,000 Blazar Fragments


The Codex Mission System will allow both solo hunters and teams to get extra skill rewards while hunting Eomon, Longtooth and other species in the wake of the migration herds.