Alert from the Research and Development Institute

The RDI has issued an alert to Calypso colonists regarding a steady increase in atmospheric Eomon pheromone levels. If this trend continues, RDI Xenobiologists predict that the Eomon Migration will commence on June 19.

Once Eomon pheromones reach high atmospheric levels, they significantly enhance the growth and maturity of certain exposed creatures. In 2006, Professor Nus Magsun discovered that these pheromones require trace radiation to activate, which explains their ineffectiveness on humans but notable impact on other creatures. Mulmun Mutants, for example, known to carry trace radiation, often stay close to the Eomon, hoping to gain mental evolution through their rituals.

The Eomon Migration, triggered by peak pheromone levels, spans the entire summer. This period offers a rare opportunity to hunt prized herds of Eomon and Longtooth, along with some other creatures affected by the pheromones. The migration season is highly anticipated, not only for the Eomon and Longtooth missions but also for the chance to obtain Summer Strongboxes along with other price-worthy items, making it an exciting event for both solo hunters and teams.

Keep an eye on the Eomon Pheromone Tracker and prepare for the upcoming Eomon Migration!