EBN Reports: Mulmuns on the Move Signaling Annual Migration on Calypso

There has been a notable shift in the behavior of the Mulmuns, according to data from the Calypso Defense Force (CDF). This change is likely due to the upcoming annual Eomon Migration season and the presence of Eomon pheromones in the atmosphere, which are triggering the mutants to begin their rituals, as well as increasing their aggressiveness.

The CDF confirms that the Mulmuns have started their dance and brawling rituals, migrating from their usual locations on mainland Eudoria to the following areas:

  • Ashi
  • Atlas Haven
  • Camp Caravan
  • Fort Ithaca
  • South of Fort Pandora
  • Fort Zeus
  • Around Jason Center

Due to the heightened aggression of these mutants, the CDF has issued a cautionary advisory to all residents and visitors of Calypso. Any activities in the mentioned areas should be approached with the utmost caution.