CDF Resource Mayhem

As the ongoing robot incursions have caused significant damage to colonial settlements across Calypso, the Calypso Colonial Administration has tasked the Calypso Defense Force with spearheading reconstruction and fortification efforts. However, with the increase in enemy activity and robot harvesters encroaching on our territory, CDF suppliers are unable to provide significant enough quantities of specific resources.

In an effort to lessen the impact of these shortages and invigorate the local economy by including individuals in the supply chains, the Calypso Defense Force is setting up a drive that will allow participating colonists to deliver select materials to unlock reward tiers.

Colonists wishing to participate are asked to contact the CDF representatives in Fort Ithaca and Nymphtown for further instructions and information. Said representatives will also offer a series of bonus missions that will help unlock the rewards offered more quickly if finished.

You can earn Universal Ammo, Mayhem Tokens, Mayhem Cosmetic Tokens, and Legacy Strongboxes as rewards, as well as one Rare Mayhem Token for those who finish all stages and all bonus missions. 

This resource drive will last between May 8, 13:00 UTC, and June 25, 08:00 UTC, 2024. However, such drives will also occur in the future whenever resources are required for major Defense Force projects and to ensure the safety of the Calypso settlements.

The CCA and CDF extend their gratitude to those who choose to participate in collecting materials and ensuring the resilience of our colonies. Reach out, contribute, and make a difference for the future of Calypso!