EBN: Calypso's Last Stand Against Robotic Onslaught

As the conflict with the robotic forces reaches a boiling point, the Calypso Defense Force is sounding the alarm for the peak of the robot invasion. The most aggressive and high-threat robots are now present in Ashi, Fort Pandora, and Hadesheim.

With these latest developments, the next few days are critical for the security of the Calypso settlements. As increasing numbers of advanced machines press further into our settlements, the outcome of this operation may determine the future balance between humans and robots on Calypso.

To further incentivize colonist participation in the defense against this onslaught, CDF Intelligence has released reports showing that certain items now appear to be more common among the robots, which could make them easier to recover for those who help destroy these machine invaders.

Major Ushakov, who recently returned from a posting off-planet, issued a short rallying cry:

"Let's stand together, to defend our homes and ensure a future where humans prevail over machines!"