EBN: Advancing Robot Peril

Recent updates from the Calypso Defence Force indicate an escalating threat from robotic forces on Calypso, marking a significant increase in tensions. 

Detailed analyses of combat encounters reveal that the recent robotic maneuvers, particularly deploying units targeting RDI Data Interceptors for destruction, have been intended to distract and divert the planet's colonists. This tactical diversion effectively lessened the defensive pressure exerted by the colonists, allowing robotic forces to solidify their control over various territories.

In this concerning development, Harvester robots have reappeared in some of the areas they dominated a year prior. These robots are at the forefront of a larger scheme to exploit Calypso's resources, marking an unprecedented level of intrusion on the planet. 

The Harvesters have significantly impacted various areas differently, and we urge the public to exercise caution in the following zones:

  • Lowest Threat Zones: Notus, southwest of Fort Lahar, southeast of Chug’s Hideout
  • Medium Threat Zones: South of Fort Argus, southeast of Rogue Plains East, southeast of Honuri
  • Highest Threat Zones: West of Fort Pandora, west of Camp Caravan, north/northeast of Minopolis

Sarchi is still located at Camp Carter and will continue to offer weapon amplifier upgrades in exchange for certain materials that may be recovered from destroyed robots.

The situation for Calypso is dire, and the CDF is issuing a call to arms. Brave and skilled colonists are called upon to join the fight and resist the robotic tide threatening their home…