EBN: Robot Invasion Weekend Update

As the Calypso Defense Force and the colonists assisting them have been fighting off the robots across Calypso, one conclusion has become increasingly clear; the robots do not seem to be letting up. In addition, our anonymous sources within the colonial administration claim there may be reason to expect an escalation in the near future. 

When asked to comment on the ongoing situation, the CDF provided only this short response:

“We can confirm that robot forces are still threatening Calypso. However, we cannot comment on any escalation or de-escalation yet, as our analysis is still ongoing, and we cannot risk openly revealing sensitive information like that. We simply ask that all colonists keep their eyes open and remain ready for anything.”

The EBN will continue to monitor the ongoing invasion closely, and we expect to be able to provide an update by next week. Stay tuned for further developments on this matter.