EBN: Increased Robot Presence

Earlier today, the Calypso Defense Force (CDF) issued an automated hostility alert to all inhabitants of Planet Calypso. In a concerning development, there has been a notable surge in robot activity across the Eudoria mainland; an escalation that may signal a prolonged period of heightened danger to our settlements.

EBN sources within the CDF have disclosed increased robotic threats and the emergence of previously unrecorded and more advanced versions of Miner Bots. These enhanced robots have been observed on the northwest part of New Treasure Island and throughout various locations in Eudoria, engaging in aggressive resource extraction activities.

The following robot threat levels across various regions have been established:

Low-level Threat Zones

  • Camp Icarus
  • Camp Phoenix
  • Cape Corinth

Mid-level Threat Zones

  • Fort Troy
  • Jason Centre
  • Minopolis

High-level Threat Zones

  • Ashi
  • Atlas Haven
  • Camp Caravan
  • Chug’s Hideout
  • Fort Ithaca
  • Fort Pandora
  • Hadesheim
  • Jurra Plateau


CDF Scouts have also reported sightings of robots wandering beyond the outlined zones, so be on the lookout for warnings of unexpected attacks happening in various other locations. We may need to join forces to fight off these unexpected threats.

Sarchi at Camp Carter wants to collect weapon amplifiers from the defeated robots to fortify our defenses. She's willing to upgrade certain weapon amplifiers in exchange for Nano Adjusters you've managed to collect from these hostile machines. To complete the exchange, you'll also need other diverse materials.

Let's all come together, Entropians, and take down these robots - we must work together to keep Planet Calypso safe!