Spawn of Echidna

Warning! The third crash site containing the Spina is a high-level threat to Planet Calypso's colonists, Calypso Defence Force (CDF) confirms. Unusual power readings from the wreckage have been detected, but due to the hostile nature of the Spinas at this site, all CDF attempts to approach the area have failed.

The lack of CDF presence at the site has enabled the Spina to spread to a cave near Echidna. The fear is that the Spinas have started to breed, and the CDF urges brave colonists to prevent this hostile species from settling nests before it is too late!

The CDF warns that these Spina are different and more dangerous than formerly known. There is an urgent call for experienced groups of colonists to assist the critical situation. Please seek out CDF Sergeant Velya at Camp Echidna for further information.

If nothing is to be done, this infestation might never end.