Heavy robot forces around Eudoria

Reports of heavy robot forces at nine locations around Eudoria are coming in. These forces are accompanied by monolithic matrixes that appear to be harvesting Calypso’s resources.

Settlers are urged to interrupt the robot harvesters at all costs, as they continue to excavate vast amounts of precious resources.


Robot Harvesters can be found at the following locations on Eudoria:

Jurra Plateau - low-level dynamic robot event

  • Near Notus
  • North of Notus
  • Northwest of Jurra Plateau


Fort Argus - mid-level dynamic robot event 

  • Southwest of Fort Argus
  • Southeast of Honuri
  • Southeast of Rogue Plains East


Minopolis - high-level dynamic robot event

  • West of Camp Caravan
  • West of Fort Pandora
  • Northeast of Minopolis