Omegaton Export Initiative

Soaring demand on Earth for items derived from extraterrestrials has prompted Omegaton to initiate a bulk purchase program for Calypso’s animal products. Among the required materials are Aurli and Kreltin goods.


The company is willing to pay colonists fair market value for these highly prized animal products.


In addition, the logistics giant ostensibly seeks to help technology-poor colonies by buying up components.


Consul Tiberius Calderon will place auction purchase orders for the following goods:


  • Simple 3 Plastic Spring
  • Simple 2 Conductor
  • Tech Gizmo 8
  • Alien Biogenic Gel (Will be bought if listed at <116% MU)
  • Aurli Chitin Scale
  • Aurli Claw
  • Aurli Dense Plate
  • Aurli Fangs
  • Armor Platings Mk: 1A,1B,1C,2A,2B,3A,3B,4B,5C,6B


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Orders will continue to be placed until adequate amounts of the items have been procured.

Prices, quantities and exactly which items are being purchased may vary. Keep an eye on the auction order section to check what is currently being ordered.

Any intentional disruption or manipulation of the auction order process will be investigated.