Omegaton Export Initiative

Soaring demand on Earth for items derived from extraterrestrials has prompted Omegaton to initiate a bulk purchase program for Calypso’s animal products. Among the required materials are Eomon and Longtooth goods — the procurement of which is only possible within the narrow time window of a mysterious migration cycle.

The company is willing to pay colonists fair market value for the highly prized animal products.

In addition, the logistics giant ostensibly seeks to help technology-poor colonies by buying up components.

Consul Tiberius Calderon will place auction purchase orders for the following goods:

  • Eomon Musk
  • Longtooth Musk
  • Eomon Leather Texture
  • Longtooth Leather
  • Canvas Fabric Texture
  • Fine Frieze Fabric Texture
  • Flannel Fabric Texture
  • Fine Silk Fabric Texture
  • Velvet Fabric Texture
  • Large Striped Cotton Fabric Texture
  • Wrinkled Felt Fabric Texture
  • Satin Fabric Texture
  • Generic Leather Texture
  • Soft Leather Texture
  • Fine Leather Texture
  • Stum Shirt (Male)
  • Evelyn Cocktail Dress (Female)
  • Navy Officer Pants (Male)
  • Omegaton Pops (Male)
  • Droplet Skirt (Female)
  • Standard Matrix
  • Hardened Metal Ruds
  • Simple 1 Plastic Ruds
  • Simple 2 Plastic Ruds
  • Simple 3 Plastic Ruds
  • Simple 1 Plastic Spring
  • Simple 2 Plastic Spring
  • Simple 3 Plastic Spring
  • Simple 1 Conductor
  • Simple 2 Conductor
  • Simple 3 Conductor
  • Simple 4 Conductor

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  • Orders will continue to be placed until adequate amounts of the items have been procured.
  • Prices, quantities and exactly which items are being purchased may vary. Keep an eye on the auction order section to check what is currently being ordered.
  • Any intentional disruption or manipulation of the auction order process will be investigated.