Removal of Iron Challenges

Please be advised that Iron Challenges on Planet Calypso will be disabled in the upcoming Version Update, currently scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2020. Any progress in uncompleted Iron Challenges will be forfeited after the upcoming Version Update.

Also, the following Iron Challenge-style mission chains will be removed one year after the upcoming Version Update, on September 1, 2021:

  • The Apprentice Leviathan Fighter
  • The Apprentice Rextelum Fighter
  • The Apprentice Traeskeron Fighter

During the one-year grace period, scoring kills on those creatures will provide progress for those missions as well as for the Codex. Mission stages already in progress will be able to be completed during the grace period, but subsequent mission stages will not be able to be started (as was done for Iron Challenges).

The Codex will now be the main hub for all hunting challenges and rewards. Future expansions of the Codex are planned to include (retroactive) attribute rewards similar to what was available in the deprecated Iron Challenges.

A similar migration from hunting missions to the Codex is planned for the Planet Partners; more information will be made available as those migrations are implemented.