Queen of Caverns

Get low, filth! Eat dirt. Breathe mud. Toil, food-fetcher!


Your claw is not yours. Is Mine. 

Your teeth are not yours. Are mine. 

Mine to crush, cast away. Mine to command, control.

I am Hive Mind. I am Queen.

There is no ‘you’. No ‘yours’.  

Only mine.

Now DIG! 


Worm-slime all! Bad Brood bad brood BAD! Weak as whimpers, ALL! Mewling spitgobs! Soil-soft and sickening! 

And Screechers getting stronger. Getting nearer. I hear them. Hear them creeping scraping scuttling closer, closer...

What to do what to do WHAT?! Calm. Be calm. Be Queen.

Useless broodlings must be Hardened. Sharpened. Strong. 

A Shell-Wall. 

A Shell-Wall against the Screechers!


Why not use the Soft-Shells? Yes! 

Let the Soft-Shells crush the weak and siphon the slime-bloods!

Then only Pure-Bloods remain! A Pure-Blood Brood! 

A perfect Shell-Wall against the Screechers! Yes!




Up up up FILTH! 

Up through cave, cavern and crust! 

Up as fighters, not workers! Up to taste blood, not mud! 

Up to battle!

Up to Soft-Shells!