Genius or Insanity?

Why should they be happy while I suffer?

They should feel what I feel.


With my power I can cause exquisite pain. Severed limbs. Seared flesh. Snapped bone....

Damn, how I HATE them!

At this very moment my abominations make war on them. A glorious Lesson in Pain. In honour of The Two-Hundred.

Genius and madness. God and god-like powers.  A thin line. Thin indeed....

..Thin lines intersecting, trailing blood in front of my eyes…

...Not again! The Hunger!

Burning and clawing at my insides. A demon trying to tear its way out. A wild thing.

I am the wild thing. They made me one.

The suffering. No don’t think about it, don’t…

...Wires and sharp needles and stitches, dried blood sick liquid stomach kidney bowls and weak-stumbling hauling your intravenous drip till they spike you and you’re high then you’re crying and wiping your eyes and blood comes away and you’re weeping it, weeping blood.

I'll make them all weep blood.

It only takes a little pressure.

And I know just where to push…