A Bug's-Eye View

Keep Digging! Dig dig dig! Nothing here. Nothing! Rock too hard. Can’t break rock no can’t too hard can’t do it can’t she’ll be angry!

Too late Queen sees weakness. Get low. Lower show submission eat dirt. Yach yuck tastes bad.  Show submission. Fine now. Passed on. Hate her. HATE her! Wish she was dead!

No don’t think it! Just hive brain hive brain hive brain. Hive brain is safe. Hive brain is best. Bend to hive brain. Break to hive brain. Submit, get low. I am nothing. NOTHING. Only scrap slithering wormish. Just nothing only hive. Empty Be Empty. Calm calm be calm...

I serve only serve and obey.

It is passed. Passed! Yes!

I am happy. Happy now!

Wonderful! Dig! Yes dig is good! Keep Digging. SO happy now! Dig to serve. Dig be happy. Dig!


Battle? What Battle? Why battle not dig? Dig is good, yes? Battle is risk. Is light is pain is Soft-Shells is blind is...NO NO NO PLEASE! WILL DO IT I BEND I BREAK I SERVE NO QUESTIONS! I SERVE PLEASE NO MORE!

My Queen I beg you. My shell broken, bloodied by your Holy Bite please I am nothing. Shattered claw crushed in Sweet Affliction please I am nothing. Graced by your touch. My Queen please no more please PLEASE I do anything!

I die?

Yes, oh yes! Die for Queen!

For Queen.

Was weak. PATHETIC weak weak weak! But I will prove. PROVE!

Will fight. Will rip them tear them hate them HATE them! But not alone. Never alone.

All is Hive.

Hive is roaring.

Hive is thrashing

Hive is swarming biting gnawing gnashing

Hive is crawling up! To Soft-Shells! To battle!

We are HIVE!

And Hive will FEED!