Longtooth spawn event on Planet Calypso

March 10 2015, 17.00 UTC

In December and January Planet Calypso held performance stress test events to gather data for improvements to the Entropia Universe platform. Analysis of one part of these datasets has raised a few new hypotheses that needs to be examined further.

In order to investigate these hypotheses we would like to invite you to a new 3 stage Longtooth spawn event on March 10, 2015 at 17.00 - 18.30 UTC. Stage 1 will start at 17.00 UTC, stage 2 at 17.30 UTC and stage 3 at 18.00 UTC. Each stage will spawn the same variants of Longtooths on the same locations.

To give all entropians the chance to see and hunt the magnificent Longtooths, spawns will continue for approximately 24 hours on the locations marked on the attached map.

Limited number of participants.
Each event stage will test different server side configurations and settings. To be able to compare data from the event stages the maximum number of participants on the server hosting the Fort Argus area will be limited during the event. Participants trying to enter the area once it is full may see a “Server full” message during login and may be redirected to another nearby server.

We will monitor a number of parameters very closely and also invite all participants to a review poll on planetcalypsoforum.com after the 3 stages are completed.

We hope you will have time to log in for some fun Longtooth hunting!

A video that shows some intense action around the “Old Fred” Longtooths spawning in the midst of Port Atlantis on one of the previous events is available on the Youtube channel: http://youtu.be/OMwdk5eq9hg

For details about UTC time see http://www.entropiauniverse.com/utc