Robot Event Reward Update

Xenobiologist and RDI Official Charles Marvin reports that due to an unforeseen logistics issue, the distribution of the following reward items will be delayed until next weekend, June 2 & 3:

  • Eon Armor (L)
  • Tiger Armor (L)
  • Martial Armor (L)
  • Electric Attack Chip (L)

The Research and Defense Institute, though still under intense pressure and working night and day investigating the recent robot infiltration of the planetary teleporter network, extends its sincere apologies for the delay.

Colonists who have acquired the required robot technology for all other rewards can meet with RDI representatives at Ashi outpost today and tomorrow between the hours of 15:00 and 22:00 local Calypso time.

Based on reports from the field and other sources, the following rare robot technology items were recovered by brave colonists during the recent battle against the inhuman invaders.

  • 5 Exceptional Robot Contraction Units
  • 1 Robot Dynocyclic Relay
  • 2 Robot Nanomodulators
  • 2 Robot Power Transformers
  • 3 Rare Robot Secret Transmitters
  • 3 Robot Magnetomic Throttles
  • 10 Robot Speech Emulation Units

along with thousands of Exceptional Robot Optical Lenses and Hyperchargers.

The RDI wishes to congratulate and thank those colonists who assisted in acquiring this robot technology, which will hopefully help in preventing future invasions.