Landgrab on Planet Calypso will go through its first phase today, after the SDS Fort Events have been concluded. More info about our events here [link]

Landgrab will start today, 9th of March at 18:30 UTC. The following four landareas will be released in this phase:

  • LA 2
  • LA 8
  • LA 9
  • LA 15

Four more landgrab-areas will be released this coming weekend.

To answer a couple of questions that has been raised about the new landgrab:

  • How does a Society claim a fort the first time?

All societies can make the attempt to claim the Fort, and thus control the land for the coming period. There is no need to sign up to take part of the fort landgrab, just show up and bring some firepower!
To gain control over the fort, the Main Control Room needs to be destroyed in order to release the Claim Marker within the fort. It does not matter what society destroys the Control Room to get to the Claim Marker.
The Claim Marker will not start its countdown until it is released. The Claim marker must then be held for 1 hour before the claim is successful.

  • Does the 10% Decay and Ammo go for Landgrab as well?

No, the discount only goes for the Forts connected to the event system, not landgrab itself.
For more information about the rules, please read MindArk’s Version Update notes here. [link]