Finally, we can announce the Merry Mayhem of 2010!

Merry Mayhem is a hunting competition, where participants are awarded kill points for killing specific creatures during a period of 30 hours distributed over five days. The competition will have four separate categories. Category qualification will be based upon the highest of certain Professional Standings, and the category determines what creatures you will have to hunt.

Points are awarded to participants based upon the maturity of the specified creature. Participants with the most kill-points are awarded special prizes.

This year’s Merry Mayhem will differ from last year on two important points:

  • Kill points are awarded for inflicting the most damage on a killed creature. You don’t have to shoot the killing shot, but you have to inflict more damage than anyone else shooting (or maiming or slicing) the creature.
  • We will use the mission system to track Merry Mayhem. The Mayhem Mission is available from the contact Carl Tucker in Port Atlantis. This mission will track your kill points and category. You can get the mission from Dec 21st, but kills will not register before Dec 26th.

So gear up and prepare to share with the mobs of Planet Calypso!

Event Dates

Dec 21st: Skill chipping is no longer allowed for Mayhem participants. You may get the Mayhem mission from Carl Tucker in Port Atlantis. Kills are not registered yet.

Dec 26th: Competition opens 00:00 UTC. After that, kills are registered. Final category qualification happens on first kill.

Dec 30th: Competition ends 23:59 UTC. After that, kills are no longer registered, and you may no longer get the Mayhem mission.

Jan 1st: Skill chipping is allowed again.

Jan 8th: You can hand in the Merry Mayhem Mission to Carl Tucker; when you do, you get a Mayhem Participation Diploma. Winners and prize announcement, including the top 200 list for all categories with points and time.

More information

This is only the announcement of Merry Mayhem. The complete rules, including prizes, qualification professions, category limits, category creatures, kill points and spawn locations will be posted in the near future.