EBN: At a press conference in Port Atlantis, Colonel Briers stated that the Harbinger threat has been neutralized. The factory built in the wreckage of War Titan Typhon is still in the Hadesheim crater, but the pod launch system is no longer operational.

The sabotage operations, conducted by drafted colonists, were “98.9 percent successful” and the system was “effectively rendered inoperational”. Thus, Harbingers cannot be deployed by the robots.

Colonel Briers noted that the launch system managed to circumvent the defense turrets at several locations, but that these surgical strikes would no longer be possible. “No one would be safe if even one of the launch silos would remain operational” he stated.

Intelligence operations in Hadesheim crater will continue as well as preemptive strikes at the robot factory.

Colonel Briers also stated that the community of code breakers had greatly assisted the defense against the Harbingers and brought vital information about the progress of the sabotage missions. He conveyed his gratitude to the many volunteers that collected information, cracked robot codes, infiltrated the factory, sabotaged the pod silos and defended the cities of Calypso, especially during the last days when robots pushed the weakened launch system to strike at Twin Peaks and Fort Ithaca.

The colonel refused to answer a direct question whether there was any collaboration between CDF and the infamous RX Units, saying only “no comments”.