Warning! Robot Activity Detected

EBN Newsflash - Renewed Robot Activity

October 2013

After several months of relative peace on Calypso, preliminary signs of imminent robot incursion forces have been detected by CDF officials.

Details are still sketchy, but anonymous sources within the CDF warn of probable hostilities commencing as early as tomorrow.

Colonists are encouraged to prepare to defend themselves accordingly.

Update #1

Robots have been observed performing unusually organized movements near Cape Corinth! Defense Force officials believe they may be constructing something, but urges the population to remain calm...

This page will be updated as soon as new information comes in.

Robot Defender in ActionThe Mean Robot "Defender"

Update #2

***ALERT*** CDF Command warns of hostile robot activity in the following areas:

Port Atlantis - Low-level
Spider Bomber

Cape Corinth East - Low-mid level, Shared loot
Big Bulk 5-7
Steel Bird 1-3

Ithaca South - Low-mid level
Big Bulk

Fort Ares Southeast - Mid-level

Minopolis Southwest - Mid-level
Drone Coordinator
Drone Elite
Warrior Elite

Nymphtown North - High-level
Big Bulk

Zychion Citadel - High-level
Warrior Exterminator
Warrior Commander