The Enigma Keys

Three Keys, Three Enigmas, Three Portals

The Enigma Keys mission chain will be rolled out in three stages. The first player to complete all three stages will win the Main Event Prize.

Completing each stage will also award completion points on the Event Leaderboard. The first six players to complete each stage will get extra bonus points. The player with the highest total points on the Leaderboard will win the Leaderboard Event Prize.

All players that complete the three stages will receive Karona’s Velocity Jumpsuit featuring a 10% Acceleration speed buff. See below for a full list of mission completion rewards.

Here are the release dates for each stage of the mission chain:

  • Stage One: 18:00 UTC on March 29, 2018
  • Stage Two: 01:00 UTC on April 13, 2018
  • Stage Three: 10:00 UTC on April 28, 2018

The Enigma Keys Mission Chain

Each of the three stages includes a Key, a Portal and an Enigma.

To start the Enigma Keys mission chain talk to NPC Karona Cinquanto at Camp Icarus.

To complete a stage one must do the following:

  • Find enough key fragments to form a key.
  • Use the key to open a portal.
  • Solve the enigma inside to unlock its riddle.
  • Give the riddle to NPC Karona Cinquanto.

If you are new to Entropia and Planet Calypso please see the New to Entropia section.

Prizes and Rewards

The Enigma Keys – Main Event Prize

The first avatar to complete all three stages of The Enigma Keys mission chain will win the following:

Shares in Planet Calypso:

  • 5 x Calypso Land Deeds


  • 30,000 PED of Universal Ammo

Tools and Weapons:

  • Vehicle
    • CDF Patrol Vehicle (C)


  • Mining Tools
    • Modified Chikara Refiner
    • Adjusted Genesis Star Excavator
    • CDF Finder z10 (L)
    • CDF Finder z25 (L)
    • CDF Finder z40 (L)
  • Laser Weapons
    • MarCorp Kallous-1 CDF Edition (L)
    • MarCorp Kallous-2 CDF Edition (L)
    • MarCorp Kallous-3 CDF Edition (L)
    • MarCorp Kallous-4 CDF Edition (L)
    • MarCorp Kallous-5 CDF Edition (L)
    • MarCorp Kallous-6 CDF Edition (L)
    • MarCorp Kallous-7 CDF Edition (L)
    • EWE LC-100 Frontier CDF Edition (L)
    • EWE LC-200 Scout CDF Edition (L)
    • EWE LC-300 Ambush CDF Edition (L)
    • EWE LC-400 Submission CDF Edition (L)
    • EWE LC-500 Fury CDF Edition (L)


  • BLP  Weapons
    • CalyTrek CR Soul MK.I CDF Edition (L)
    • CalyTrek CR Soul MK.II CDF Edition (L)
    • CalyTrek CR Soul MK.III CDF Edition (L)
    • CalyTrek CR Soul MK.IV CDF Edition (L)
    • CalyTrek CR Soul MK.V CDF Edition (L)
    • CalyTrek CR Spirit MK.I CDF Edition (L)
    • CalyTrek CR Spirit MK.II CDF Edition (L)
    • CalyTrek CR Spirit MK.III CDF Edition (L)
    • Camo Arms Marine Predator CDF Edition (L)
    • Camo Arms Marine Prowler CDF Edition (L)
    • Camo Arms Marine Stalker CDF Edition (L)


  • Armor Parts
    • 7x CDF Armor Plate Tellus II (L)


The Enigma Keys – Leaderboard Prize

The player(s) in first place on The Enigma Keys leaderboard will receive:

  • 500 PED - Universal Ammo
  • 50 x Classified Strongboxes + keys

Any players who tie for first place will all receive the above prizes.

Every participant that completes a stage will receive 5000 points. Bonus points are awarded to the first 6 players to complete each stage, i.e. the top ten scores will be:

  1. 12000 points
  2. 10000 points
  3. 9000 points
  4. 8000 points
  5. 7000 points
  6. 6000 points
  7. 5000 points
  8. 5000 points
  9. 5000 points
  10. 5000 points


Enigma Keys Leaderboard

Keys Rank Player Name Points
🔑🔑🔑 1 Viktoria Mellis Kareokay 23000
🔑🔑🔑 2 Sev Seventia Lothander 22000
🔑🔑🔑 3 Nighty Skorp Shadow 22000
🔑🔑🔑 4 Forgorth Forgo Lundain 22000
🔑🔑🔑 5 Leyanora Selphie Finn 20000
🔑🔑🔑 6 Oleg Oleg McMullery 20000




The Enigma Keys – Stage Completion Rewards

Any player that completes a stage will receive the following items:

Completion Rewards for Enigma 1

  • Neurobiotic Booster A5 5mg
  • Karona's Extender P20 (L)


Completion Rewards for Enigma 2

  • Neurobiotic Booster A5 5mg
  • Karona's Extender P20 (L)
  • H-DNA x 2


Completion Rewards for Enigma 3

  • Karona’s Velocity Jumpsuit (10% Acceleration buff)
  • Neurobiotic Booster A5 5mg
  • Karona's Extender P20 (L)
  • H-DNA x 5

New to Entropia?

What is Entropia Universe? What is Planet Calypso?

Entropia Universe is a living, breathing virtual multi-world online game, with an in-game economy that features currency that’s exchangeable with real-world dollars.

Planet Calypso was the first planet humans settled on in Entropia Universe, and despite the ever present robot threat to our civilization Calypso is still the most populous planet within Entropia Universe.


Please see the Entropia Universe video tutorials for the basics on how to play. In addition, you should find a good mentor for guidance — you will also receive rewards after graduating as a disciple!



What gear do I need to complete the Enigma Keys stages?

The missions you will receive to collect key fragments in this event will include Hunting and Mining in the Calypso wilderness. Hunting and mining require equipment.

Prospecting and extraction equipment are needed for mining, and a weapon is needed for hunting. A full set of armor is highly recommended. Starter Packs are available in the Entropia Universe Webshop and contain gear to help you get started. The Gold starter pack is recommended for this event.

Can I get help inside the game?

As a newcomer it is easy to get help from veteran players through the Chat System. Try the “Rookie” chat channel for any general questions. You can also find a Mentor. The Mentoring system connects more experienced players with newcomers and helps them to learn the game basics quicker. When you graduate as a Mentors Disciple both Mentor and Diciple receive useful items as rewards.