Eomon Migration 2024

EBN: Calypso’s Giants Are On The Move

Sources from the Imperial Zoological Scouts (IZooS) just reported the first sightings of the Eomon herds migrating!

The Eomon Migration is an annual summer period on Calypso. During this period, Eomon herds traverse the continent, marking the arrival of summer. Longtooth herds and other species also join the migration, driven by the pheromones and exhibiting increased aggression. The migration is a prime opportunity for colonists, from novices to experienced players, to hunt these creatures.

In addition to the potential of gaining Summer Strongboxes, there are rumors that the Eomons might carry new carbine weapons. This speculation arises from reports that shipment boxes for the Calypso Defence Force (CDF) have mysteriously disappeared since Eomon was spotted chasing away soldiers. It’s believed that the enormous appetite of the Eomon drove the animals to possibly consume the boxes in the heat of the moment.


Eomon & Longtooth mission

Head to Minopolis and speak to the Unnamed RDI Xenobiologist. There, you will be offered two different mission structures: Eomon missions and Longtooth missions. Meeting the contribution goals of the missions will give you the following rewards:

  • Eomon “Guts and Glory” Daily mission - 2 Daily Tokens and 400 Blazar Fragments 
  • Eomon “Circuit Taker” mission - A choice of one E.L.M Edition weapon and 23,000 Blazar Fragments
  • Longtooth “Touch a Nerve” Daily mission - 1 Daily Token and 200 Blazar Fragments
  • Longtooth “Take a Breather” mission - A choice of one E.L.M Edition weapon and 12,000 Blazar Fragments


The Eomon and Longtooth missions reset annually, granting you the opportunity to participate year after year.


Migration Paths

Based on data collected by RDI Xenobiologists, here are the estimated migration paths for the Eomon and Longtooth:

To find the Longtooth migration path, follow the red path. This route starts east of Cape Corinth, moves south of Livas Outpost, and ends near Fort Ithaca.

To locate the Eomon migration path, follow the green paths. This route begins in the eastern parts of Eudoria in the Minopolis Desert region, passes near Ashi, and ends in the south near Camp Carter.



Eomon deviating from their paths

Since last year, RDI has discovered numerous Eomon deviating from the regular migration path and congregating at different locations. This is a new trend, and there is a possibility that more spots on Calypso might see Eomons for the first time this year. Look below to find the so far known locations of the maturities you’re hunting for:

  • OLA#58 - Eomon Prowler & Stalker
  • OLA#63 - Eomon Alpha, Old Alpha, Prowler & Stalker
  • OLA#66 - Eomon Young to Stalker



Outside of the main migration path, wild herds of Longtooth are also wandering around in the following locations:

  • West of Fort Argus – Longtooth Dominant, Alpha & Old Alpha
  • North of Livas Heights – Longtooth Guardian, Dominant & Alpha
  • North of Atlas Haven – Longtooth Provider, Guardian & Dominant
  • South of Limnadian District – Longtooth Old, Provider & Guardian


Novice Hunters, look here!

If you are a novice hunter wanting to join the fun of the Eomon Migration, go to Chug’s Hideout and Fort Zeus to hunt Longtooth Adolescents. Longtooh Adolescents are perfect for you who wish to participate but need more time before you’re ready to take down Eomons alone.


Don’t miss your chance to hunt Eomons and Longooths this summer. Gear up and be part of this thrilling season