The Eomon are on the Move!

The Eomon migration period is here! Take part in a spectacular piece of Calypso history and watch the majestic Eomon migrate over the plains of the continent of Eudoria.

Known for its annual migration patterns, the Eomon migration has been a popular seasonal hunting event for many years on Calypso. In the wake of the mighty Eomon herd, predators such as Atrox and Mulmun mutants also follow.

Migration Paths

With the information gathered from previous migrations, RDI Xenobiologists have released the estimated migration paths for both the Eomon and the Longtooth species.
The path of the Eomon migration is starting in the eastern parts of the Eudorian continent, passing near Ashi before ending in the south.

The Longtooth migration normally starts east of Cape Corinth and south of Livas outpost, and ends near Fort Ithaca.

Optional Event Mission

While last year's migration was plagued with problems due to the illegal gathering of Eomon Blood Samples, these events did spark a renewed interest in the Eomon life cycle.

Because of this, the CCA and CDF have decided to grant an exception to the ban on Blood Sample collection for at least one year. RDI and the Imperial Exobiology Institute have cooperated to prepare a study of the Eomon, conducted by thorough scans of such Blood Samples.

If you wish to participate in the collection of these samples, please visit the RDI representative at our Minopolis Science tent! However, please note that any colonists found performing their own experiments on Eomon Blood Samples, or neglecting to hand them over to an official, will be considered a criminal.

(Note: Participants who completed the mission last year will not be able to repeat it. However, if you have the mission active you can continue on it)