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21 October 2016
Halloween Mayhem Dates Announced

We are happy to announce the dates for Halloween Mayhem:

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20 October 2016
Fort Lahar soon to be Attacked

A robot Incursion will begin at Fort Lahar on Friday October 21, 11:00 UTC, according to the Calypso Defence Force's latest intelligence.

  • The Leader of an Incursion is surrounded and protected by Guardians, who guard the gates of the Fort. 
  • The Leader seems to be the coordinating 'brain' of the Incursion. Studies of the remains of destroyed Incursion Leaders uncovered traces of extremely advanced communication technology.
  • This communication technology has — so far — only been found in the 'Warlock' series of robot.
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18 October 2016
Planet Calypso Content Release 2016.3.2


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13 October 2016
EBN: Fort Incursion at Lahar Tomorrow!

On October 14, 11:00 UTC a mass of robots will attack Fort Lahar, according to predictions from leading CDF military strategists.

The following mission briefing was announced by the CDF to prepare Colonists for the attack. 

The robots are making tactical strikes against the Shield Generator Platforms that protect our forts. We must defend the SGPs! 

After the SGPs have been secured Colonists must eliminate the Leader of the Incursion. This robot will undoubtedly be heavily armoured. Work together and concentrate your firepower! 

Colonists surpassing activity thresholds will be rewarded for their contributions to the battle — so watch your personal contribution level! 

The robots may disrupt our teleportation and revive terminal in order to displace Colonists outside the Fort area. If this happens, hurry back and continue attacking so we don't lose momentum!

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11 October 2016
Planet Calypso Content Release 2016.3.1


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04 October 2016


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23 September 2016
CalyNET: Feffoid Fury!

Feffoids are currently attacking Fort Zeus, Fort Ithaca and Fort Fury!

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13 September 2016
Robots in Port Atlantis – Stress Test Event

During 2014 and 2015 Planet Calypso hosted a number of stress test events to pinpoint bottlenecks in the Entropia Universe systems. The findings in these stress tests have helped the developers make the Entropia Universe platform both more stable and much faster. Now in 2016 it's time for a new round of tests.

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30 August 2016
PVP Event on Sunday!

Everyone’s welcome to the Official “Fortress Invincible PVP Event” at Fortress Invincible on Sunday at 18:00-19:00 UTC. Tickets are 0.10 Ped and 1st, 2nd or 3rd place awards 20 Ped! In addition, the Ped value of the weapon deterioration and ammo spent during the event will be added to prizes! 

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22 August 2016
Eomon Story Continues...

The next episode of the Eomon Story is out:

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