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23 September 2016
CalyNET: Feffoid Fury!

Feffoids are currently attacking Fort Zeus, Fort Ithaca and Fort Fury!

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13 September 2016
Robots in Port Atlantis – Stress Test Event

During 2014 and 2015 Planet Calypso hosted a number of stress test events to pinpoint bottlenecks in the Entropia Universe systems. The findings in these stress tests have helped the developers make the Entropia Universe platform both more stable and much faster. Now in 2016 it's time for a new round of tests.

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30 August 2016
PVP Event on Sunday!

Everyone’s welcome to the Official “Fortress Invincible PVP Event” at Fortress Invincible on Sunday at 18:00-19:00 UTC. Tickets are 0.10 Ped and 1st, 2nd or 3rd place awards 20 Ped! In addition, the Ped value of the weapon deterioration and ammo spent during the event will be added to prizes! 

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22 August 2016
Eomon Story Continues...

The next episode of the Eomon Story is out:

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19 August 2016
CalyNET: Carnivore Carnage on Fort Argus Beach!?

“Help me I’m at Argus beach!...they’re everywhere!...No get away you flesh-eating bas...get away!” 

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18 August 2016
EBN: Eomon Finale Approaching!

Xenobiologists have reported dropping pheromone levels, indicating that the Eomon Migration will be ending in a matter of days. Colonists should also beware of certain predators that tend to be more aggressive as the Migration nears its conclusion...

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09 August 2016
Deadline Extended For Map Contest

The submission deadline for the “Calypso Explorer” map contest has been extended to Tuesday, November 29, 23.59 UTC. This is to allow participants more time to work on their Creature Location Maps. 

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05 August 2016
Longtooth Beach Bums

A group of Longtooth have broken off from the main herd and gotten themselves stranded on Fort Argus beach! The beach bum behemoths are bumbling around like lost sheep! Or perhaps they just fancied a trip to the seaside? Either way, when the hunters arrive they’ll have sun, sea and SLAUGHTER!

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06 July 2016
Longtooth Spotted around Chug’s Hideout ... Read more
06 July 2016


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