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19 May 2017
Marcimex Rise to Feast on Our Flesh!

The Marcimex have left their dark catacombs under Cyclops volcano to feast on our flesh! The repulsive insects are swarming around Cyclops Volcano, Jurra Plateau and Twin Peaks, attacking all colonists in their path!

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17 May 2017
Queen of Caverns

Get low, filth! Eat dirt. Breathe mud. Toil, food-fetcher!

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05 May 2017
RX Withdraw after Freeing 'Silent Stan'!

RX forces withdrew instantly after forcibly removing 'Silent Stan' from CDF custody. According to CDF sources 'Silent Stan' was true to his nickname and never talked!

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28 April 2017
The RX Storm is Upon Us

RX are attacking around Cape Corinth, Fort Medusa and Fort Pandora!

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26 April 2017
Easter Mayhem 2017 Results

Brig. General de Souza wishes to recognize the following brave colonists for their assistance in retrieving Robot Data Storage units from the The Core.

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25 April 2017
'Silent Stan': Key to Power or Gateway to Chaos?

CDF forces are interrogating an RX scout imprisoned at Cape Corinth to discover the locations of hidden RX Caches containing powerful technology.
The RX scout has been nicknamed 'Silent Stan' by CDF soldiers because of his strong resistance to interrogation. An inside source provided this video of the RX. 

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11 April 2017
Robots Defeated But Real Fight is in The Core!

The Big bulk and Defender robots have finally been pushed back! Their plan to occupy our land for future RX cache extraction has failed!

Congratulations to the combatants, especially to “bARbie zNap cooL” who smashed a Big Bulk Gen 08 for 7759 PED and “Iveline Ivi Stockhouse” who destroyed a Big Bulk Gen 02 for 6003 PED.   

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10 April 2017
Easter Mayhem 2017 Full Details Now Available

Full details are now available for Easter Mayhem 2017 on the Easter Mayhem 2017 event page.

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06 April 2017
Easter Mayhem Announcement!

Preparations in The Core have been sighted. 

We must attack to obtain DSUs (Data Storage Units) and prevent the robots from finding the precious technology in the RX caches!

The attack is set to begin on Thursday, April 13, 1400 UTC and will run until Wednesday, April 19, 1400 UTC.

Full details and rewards will be posted on Monday, April 10.

/Brig. General de Souza


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31 March 2017
Thieves: Big Bulks Occupy Land for future Cache Mining!

Big Bulk and Defender robots are greedily snatching our land around the following locations:

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