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21 February 2017
Merry Mayhem 2016 Results - Solo Category

Competition was once again fierce in Planet Calypso's flagship solo hunting event, Merry Mayhem.

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10 February 2017
Known Issue - Mayhem Scintillator Series

Some parameters for the recently awarded Mayhem Scintillator weapons are incorrect.

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10 February 2017
Robot ‘Heavyweights’ Attack!

Defender and Big Bulk robots are attacking across Eudoria! The traditional robot territories around Minopolis, Fort Troy, Jurra Plateau and Ashi have all been reinforced with the ‘heavyweight’ robots, with some lower-strength Defenders joining the attack against Fort Sisyphus.

There are rumours that a ‘Shady Scientist’ is seeking certain scavenged robot parts. The scientist was last seen at Fort Troy and it’s speculated that he is a disgraced researcher from the RDI.

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07 February 2017
Merry Mayhem 2016 Results - Free For All Category

In its second year, the Free For All category was once again hugely popular and highly competitive. The market for FFA Stars was very active, with tens of thousands of FFA Stars changing hands in private trades and auction transactions.

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07 February 2017
Planet Calypso Content Release 2017.1


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03 February 2017
Hogglo Diablos Return!

There have been confirmed sightings of aggressive Hogglo Diablos in the PVP zone southeast of Fort Argus!   

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03 January 2017
Merry Mayhem Update

Due to the Gold Card login issues affecting a large number of participants, the Merry Mayhem event has been extended by 7 days.

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21 December 2016
Results for the Calypso Explorer Contest

We are happy to announce the winners of the Calypso Explorer Contest! 

  • 4th: Marie TheOne Omega 
  • 5th: Max Hec Walker 
  • 6th: Daniel Torrad gonzalez
  • 1st: Frontier Vehicle (L), Colonists Standard Issue Jumpsuit (Black) & Chikara InvestaFoe ES500
  • 2nd: Frontier Vehicle (L) & Chikara InvestaFoe ES500 & Colonists Standard Issue Jumpsuit (White)
  • 3rd: Frontier Vehicle (L) & Chikara InvestaFoe ES400
  • 1st:  3000 PED in Universal Ammo
  • 2nd: 2000 PED in Universal Ammo
  • 3rd: 1000 PED in Universal Ammo

4th, 5th and 6th position will get: Chikara InvestaFoe ES400 and 250 PED in Universal Ammo

Congratulations and thanks to all those who took the time to enter the contest!

Please Note: 
The “Frontier Vehicle (L)” prizes in the Previously Stated Prizes section were originally placeholders. They now refer to the “Pitbull Trailblazer” vehicle.

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16 December 2016
Known Issue - Avatar Statue Deeds

An auction interface issue is currently causing the item names for the Avatar Statue deeds not to display. This issue will be corrected in an upcoming patch.

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16 December 2016
Merry Mayhem Begins!

Merry Mayhem 2016 has started: let the hunting begin!

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