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20 June 2017
Planet Calypso Content Release 2017.3.1


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12 June 2017
Hogglos Defeated!

The Hogglos have once again been pushed back — well done colonists! 
A landmark moment occurred during the battle when “Gaina Messi91 Cristi” became the first ever avatar to reach the skill level of Entropia Master. He attained level 200 in the Laser Sniper (Hit) profession.

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09 June 2017
Hogglo Diablos On the Attack!

Hogglo Diablos are once more rampaging around the PVP Zone near Fort Argus! The super-sized creatures are the result of a series of genetic experiments performed by deranged criminal Gareth, who revealed his reasons for causing the terrible attacks in this transmission.

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30 May 2017
Planet Calypso Content Release 2017.3


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29 May 2017
Marcimex Retreat!

After more than a week of intensive fighting the Marcimex are finally crawling back to their underground tunnels. Well fought, colonists!

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19 May 2017
Marcimex Rise to Feast on Our Flesh!

The Marcimex have left their dark catacombs under Cyclops volcano to feast on our flesh! The repulsive insects are swarming around Cyclops Volcano, Jurra Plateau and Twin Peaks, attacking all colonists in their path!

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17 May 2017
Queen of Caverns

Get low, filth! Eat dirt. Breathe mud. Toil, food-fetcher!

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05 May 2017
RX Withdraw after Freeing 'Silent Stan'!

RX forces withdrew instantly after forcibly removing 'Silent Stan' from CDF custody. According to CDF sources 'Silent Stan' was true to his nickname and never talked!

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28 April 2017
The RX Storm is Upon Us

RX are attacking around Cape Corinth, Fort Medusa and Fort Pandora!

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26 April 2017
Easter Mayhem 2017 Results

Brig. General de Souza wishes to recognize the following brave colonists for their assistance in retrieving Robot Data Storage units from the The Core.

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