Planet Calypso Content Release 2016.4





Settlement Update

Added Fort Sisyphus, located NW of Hadesheim Crater

  • Ideal for new colonists.

  • Added a hunting mission chain that rewards CDF Scout armor parts.

  • This smaller Fort is also a Dynamic Event area, with a different and shorter format.

  • Arriving to the area during the event will give quick Dynamic Event and shared creature info.

  • A CDF Scout at Orthos West Mound can take you to an outpost close to the Fort.

The Calypso Defense Force now offers the opportunity for colonists to earn access to the CDF Upgrade service. The first available upgrade is for the Teleportation Chip II. Talk to Liaison Guiying in Fort Ithaca for more information.



Snarg Hunting Challenge Iron mission chain.

Kerberos Hunting Challenge Bronze mission.

Combibo Hunting Challenge Bronze mission.

Erionite Mining mission chain.

Alicenies Liquid Mining mission chain.

Force Nexus Mining mission chain.

Imperial Guardians upgrade, visit Liaison Atwell in Fort Ithaca.

  • Adjusted A-3 Justifier Mk.II.

CDF upgrade, visit Liaison Guiying in Fort Ithaca.

  • Adjusted Teleportation Chip II.


Avatar Statues

Monuments in the form of avatar statutes have been added at the following locations:

  • Twin Peaks Main.

  • Twin Peaks Octagon.

  • Port Atlantis Main.

  • Port Atlantis Waterfront.

  • Cape Corinth.

  • Fort Troy.

  • Minopolis.

  • Zychion.

  • Fort Ithaca.

  • Nymphtown.

  • Half Moon Bay.

  • Athena Spaceport.

The deeds for each of these statues will be placed on the auction in mid-December. After the conclusion of the auctions, the deed holders will then have the opportunity to immortalize their avatars in the statues, along with customized text inscriptions.



Polished text for the “Sweaty Swamp” mission.

Text clarification in the Start Room dialogues.

Better responsiveness for some NPCs.

Polished Attribute Token Trader appearance.

Removed the Revive Terminal from the platform East of Hadesheim Crater.

The last objective in the mission “Scout the Jungle” now has a waypoint.

No more Robot Troopers South of Fort Pandora.


Naming structure change for all Mining missions, they now use the following format:

  • Mining Challenge: Pyrite I.

  • Mining Challenge: Iron III.

  • etc.


Naming structure change for all Daily missions, they now use the following format:

  • Daily Hunting Challenge 1: Combibo.

  • Daily Hunting Challenge 2: Bristlehog.

  • Daily Hunting Challenge 3: Aetherex.

  • Daily Manufacturing Challenge 1: Basic Pattern Pants.

  • Daily Mining Challenge 1: Frigulite Stone.

  • etc.


Contaminated and PvP zone adjustments (Note: these are minor, perhaps temporary, adjustments pending more substantial improvements planned for future Version Updates):

  • Akmuul Island Contaminated Zone.

    • Radar is on.

    • No Vehicles.

    • No Pets.

  • Camp Echidna Contaminated Zone.

    • Radar is on.

    • No Vehicles.

    • No Pets.

  • Fort Argus PvP Zone.

    • No Vehicle Spawning.

  • Oil Rig PvP Zone.

    • Radar is on.

    • No Pets.

Land Grab Forts adjustments (Note: these are minor, perhaps temporary, adjustments pending more substantial improvements planned for future Version Updates):

  • Half of the service terminals in the main hub of the forts have been removed and the remaining have been placed on the upper level away from the LG claim to reduce the safe zone area that can be too advantageous for defenders covering the claim.

  • It is now not possible to spawn vehicles inside the LG area when event is active.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue in the “Research Recovery (Daily)” mission where the mission didn’t update properly when exiting the cave.

  • Fixed an issue where one could get stuck when trying to enter the cave during the “Argonautical Assassination” mission.

  • Fixed an issue where faulty text was appearing in the Belkar, Iron, Lysterium and Zinc Mining missions.

  • Fixed an issue where the objectives didn’t update in the mission “Shooting Star”.

  • Fixed an issue where one could receive double progress from the Research Equipment Boxes during the “Research Recovery (Daily)” mission.

  • Fixed an exploit where one could use the “Row Your Boat” missions as an emergency teleport.

  • Fixed several Estate issues.


Known Issues

  • Shadow Armor is shinier than intended.

  • It is possible to spawn vehicles in the Oil Rig area, it should be similar to the Fort Argus PvP Zone.

  • There’s an unintended dip in the ground in Fort Fury.

  • Interacting with Liaison Atwell during the “Liaison Guiying’s Task” mission will trigger that mission’s in-progress dialogue.

  • Fort Argus PvP area sometimes disables radar.