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Eomon Migration

Meet Calypso's Giants.

The Eomons are the real Giants of Calypso's fauna. Their annual migration pattern on the continent of Eudoria has been recorded since at least 2005 but much of their origin, the migrations purpose and consequences still remains open questions.

The Migration normally takes place during the summer months. In the Eomons path a number of other creatures also follows making the path of the Eomon a popular hunting ground for Calypso colonists avid in the hunting profession.

The 2016 migration season

CDF:s database of all intel on the Eomon migration for 2016

More than just Giants?

Are there more to the Eomon migration than what first meets the eye? Rumors might indicate that there are but then again, these are just rumors. Or are they? See the Eomon story unfold here this summer.

Pheromone Level Tracker

Eomon Pheromone Levels: