Hogglo Diablo Mash-Up: Tame, Hunt, PvP!

Tame, hunt and PvP all at once in another glorious Hogglo Diablo Mash Up taking place right now! These rare Hogglo breeds are event-exclusive, with loot being both shared and non-shared. 


  • 79666, 94076 (PvP Zone East of Fort Argus)
  • 79515, 93944 (PvP Zone East of Fort Argus)


  • Gigantic Hogglo Diablos don’t die easy, so come and strengthen the group’s firepower.
  • Tame + take home your own Hogglo — if you can find it! Elusive Hogglo Pygmies and prized Hogglo Blacks are sometimes found sheltering under the big bellies of their Diablo defenders.

Happy hunting!