Only hours ago, robot forces launched multiple attacks against CDF excavation sites, using teleporters connected to the Hadesheim Core. It appears that CDF has unfortunately severely underestimated the robot force’s capabilities. Our analysts now believe that The Core may have been built specifically to allow quick insertion of robot forces on Calypso to retrieve the RX caches.

CDF forces are being routed at all points. Federal Imperial forces are unable to assist, due to political reasons (any larger Imperial forces landing on Calypso may cause massive riots by colonists, as it would be seen as an attempt to assume direct control, bypassing the colonial administrations).

Therefore, we ask that any combat-capable colonists travel to the coordinates listed below to assist in keeping these excavation sites secure while intelligence is gathered.

Robot Locations:

Steelbird Elites, Attackers, Defenders, Warriors, Spider Bombers

  • Low level - 86889, 84843
  • Mid level - 68819, 82678
  • High level - 67931, 87815

Steelbirds, Legionaires, Eviscerators, The Eviscerator

  • Low level - 86370, 84887
  • Mid level - 74485, 92191
  • High level - 74251, 92718

Drones, Drone Co-ordinators, Warrior Elites

  • Low level - 87235, 94631
  • Mid level - 88027, 79347
  • High level - 88021, 95004

Drone Elite and Warrior Elite (Shared)

  • 83106, 78137

Steel Bird Elites (Shared)

  • 82549, 78380