Dear Calypsians,

After an extensive conversion process of the Planet Calypso Colonist MMO to the CryENGINE2 game engine, First Planet Company wish to inform that Version 9.4 will be officially closed down at 00:00 UTC on Monday, August 17th, in preparation for the launch of Version 10, expected to arrive during the following days. Progress updates and latest information will be available at the Planet Calypso website.

Version 10.0 Client Acquisition
The new Version 10.0 client will be approximately 4 GB in size and will be made available pre-launch via BitTorrent; the link to the torrent file will be available on Friday, Aug. 14th via the Planet Calypso website. The Client Loader will also automatically patch Version 9.4 to Version 10.0 as normal via HTTP on Monday Aug. 17th. Please note, as the BitTorrent option will require Third Party Software we will not be able to provide Support for this option.

Version 10.0 Login
It will not be possible to log into the Version 10 environment until a range of internal performance checks have been completed following the Version 9.4 close down. Updates will be posted on the Planet Calypso website informing on its progress.

Your Avatar
Each participant avatar has been converted as closely as possible to its Version 9.4 look. You will have the option to keep this converted look, or, take advantage of a one-time opportunity to recreate your avatar using the full modification range available through the system. This one-time opportunity will only be available following the Version 10 update. Once you have "Accepted" your avatar, the offer will no longer be available. Newly created avatars will use the regular 'avatar creation' system.

Release Schedule

In order to manage the quality, and listen to feedback during this comprehensive upgrade of Planet Calypso and the underlying Entropia Platform, systems will be reintroduced over a period of several Version Updates in quick succession.

Version Update 10.0 will begin with the most widely used systems: Hunting, Mining, Crafting, PvP Trade, Auction, CND Asteroid, Banks, Estates, Shops, Land Areas, PvP Combat, Society, Friends List, Ad System, Participant Content, Terminals, Items, Garment Customization, Inventory, Storage, Hall of Fame, Teleport, Chat, Keyboard Mapping, Dashboard, Map, GUI and Gifts.

A detailed Version Update 10 Content List will be available when the new environment is available for login.

The following updates will quickly follow the Version 10 Release:

Version Update 10.1 will see Land Area Management, MindForce Teleportation, Apartments, Televators and Fruit, Dung & Stones.

Version Update 10.2 will include Teaming, Third Person Avatar Navigation, and Audio Enhancements.

Version Updates following 10.2 will include major new systems, along with enhancements to current systems.

Feedback & Support

The Entropia Universe Support Dept. and Entropia Platform Developers will closely monitor the release of Version Update 10.0, and work diligently for all participants during the transition.

Daily updates on mini-patches and performance tweaks will be available through the Planet Calypso website. To assist us in providing timely and efficient support, and software patches as required, we ask that your feedback be submitted via Support Cases through the Planet Calypso website.

“Second Golden Age of Calypso”

First Planet Company’s “Second Golden Age of Calypso” promotion period will unfold parallel to the Version Updates. A range of unique never-to-be-dropped-again items, combined with an updated Calypso story will ensure maximum entertainment and excitement available through the systems being introduced. The official begin-date will be announced on the Planet Calypso website.

An enlarged group of Official Planet Calypso Guides will be available throughout the period to welcome and guide new colonists to our planet.

System Requirements

Minimum, Recommended and Optimal hardware requirements are now available at the Planet Calypso website. While the in-world Options Panel has been updated considerably; allowing a wide range of graphical settings to facilitate varying hardware configurations, this initial release focuses on optimal graphical performance. Minimum and Recommended requirements will be optimized next.

We thank you all for your patience and support during this exciting development. While Version Update 10 has focused on the conversion of the existing Planet Calypso, we hope that you will enjoy the new features that we have gained, like the day/night cycles, improved avatar movement, updated interfaces and much more. Planet Calypso is evolving again, in real time, and we will all once again enjoy the thrill of colonists setting foot on a new land.

Finally, First Planet Company would also like to express our appreciation to the Entropia Platform Developers who have spent many challenging months developing the platform to such a high level. We look forward to a bright future for the Planet Calypso Colonist MMO.

Best Regards

First Planet Company

MindArk PE