Blood Trail

CDF Announcement

It has come to the attention of the CDF that someone within RDI has been using colonists to gather Eomon blood samples. While this individial, a certain Elvyn Vies, does work for the RDI, he has not been given clearance to gather these samples. Because the collection of Eomon blood samples are illegal (according to the third Alien Genetic Research and Manipulation act), doctor Vies has been taken into CDF custody.
Rest assured, there will be no consequences for colonists who collected samples during this time, as they were led to believe proper permits were in place. In fact, CDF will assign one of our own xenobiologists to offer the same awards as doctor Vies for any sample returned to us. This is of course to ensure that the samples are removed from the general market.
As for doctor Elvyn Vies, he will remain incarcerated for the time being while we determine which group or being he is working for. Any colonist with a lead are encouraged to contact your nearest CDF officer.

Good hunting,
Major Ushakov